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  • The Ultimate Companion for Your Treasured Jewels

    EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine: The Ultimate Companion for Your Treasured Jewels

    Now Free with Any Purchase (Originally $19.9)

    Elevate your jewelry care experience with EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine, where luxury meets sustainability. This revolutionary, dual-purpose package is now exclusively offered for free with any purchase, originally valued at $19.9. Designed for the discerning individual, EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine not only provides unparalleled protection for your cherished jewelry pieces but also revives their sparkle with its integrated polishing feature.

    Why Choose EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine?

    • Eco-Friendly Elegance: Crafted from sustainable materials, EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine is our commitment to protecting the planet while ensuring your jewelry remains in pristine condition.
    • Dual-Use Design: Say goodbye to bulky, wasteful packaging. Our sleek, innovative solution cleans and protects simultaneously. The built-in polishing cloth efficiently removes tarnish, ensuring your jewelry always shines brightly.
    • Lightweight Luxury: Thoughtfully designed to reduce waste and weight, EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine is perfect for eco-conscious travelers and those who appreciate minimalist elegance.
    • Timeless Protection: Whether you're storing your jewelry at home or taking it on the go, EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine offers superior protection against scratches and tarnish, preserving the beauty and longevity of your pieces.

    Embrace the future of jewelry care with EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, beauty, and environmental responsibility, all while enjoying the convenience of a product that was once priced at $19.9, now available for free with any purchase. Your jewelry deserves nothing less than the best care, both for the love of your jewels and for the love of the planet.

    EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine: For the love of jewelry, for the love of the planet. Make any purchase today and secure your free EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine, the ultimate accessory for every jewelry enthusiast.

  • Gemstone Care and Cleaning Guide

    We love gems so much for their beauty and longevity when proper care is taken. With frequent cleaning and conscientious use, your gemstone jewelry can last for decades or even generations. Follow Plandrful's gemstone care guide, it's simple, easy and will allow you to keep your jewelry pieces sparkling for many years to come.

  • Lapis Lazuli Care and Cleaning

    Lapis lazuli is a wonderful gemstone that has thousands of years of history. This miraculous stone is known for its healing powers and unique beauty. Despite being a hardy gemstone, it needs minimal care so as not to lose its distinctive blue.

  • How to Care for Your Pearl Jewelry

    A gemstone that is a living jewel, it is a Pearl. It has a natural luster that does not require any cutting, and polishing except for the cleaning process. 

  • Tips and Secrets on How to Keep Your Zircon Jewelry Sparkling

    The zircon gemstone is a beautiful, rare stone that holds a lot of meaning for many people. This precious gemstone is often used in jewelry and other pieces of jewelry, but it's important to be careful when handling them so that you don't damage the stone.

  • Tips for caring for your Moissanite jewelry

    Moissanite has become a popular choice for jewelry, especially wedding bands. This gemstone has been created and marketed as an alternative to diamonds.  In hardness and light refraction, it is similar to diamond, but it is less expensive, shines brighter, and is environmentally friendly. If you have already decided what will be your next Moissanite jewelry, pay attention to these tips to take care of your Moissanite jewelry.

  • Caring for Your Topaz Jewelry

    If you're lucky enough to own some topaz jewelry, you'll want to take good care of it so it lasts for many years to come. Topaz is a relatively hard gemstone, but it's still susceptible to scratches and other damage if it's not cared for properly.

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  • How do we take care of our Planderful accessories?

    * Keep accessories away from water and chemicals;
    * Protect accessories from sharp blows, scratching, chemicals, sunlight and heat/cold;
    * Remove during physical activities;
    * Never go swimming wearing accessories, as chlorine in swimming pools can cause damage to all metals;
    * Store separately in an anti-oxidation package. Try to keep pieces apart so they don't rub together.

  • Top 10 Tips on How to Care for Your Gold-Plated Jewelry

    So you're hanging out at the bar, and you notice your friend is wearing a gold-plated necklace. You're not sure if it's real gold, but it looks pretty special. You decide to ask what's up with this thing, and your friend tells you that it’s her favorite and she loves it because "it's also so comfortable!"

  • How to clean a leather jewelry

    Leather is one of the materials that are making waves in the latest jewelry trends. If you own leather necklaces or bracelets, keep in mind that this special material will have other cares. Being leather we must be careful with the use of water since its excess can ruin your jewelry made of leather.

  • Ways to Properly Clean Silver Jewelry

    If you own silver jewelry that you don't put on often, you might notice a fine layer of discoloration the next time you go to put them on.

  • Caring for Your Enamel Jewelry

    Enamel is basically like the paint on your fingernails—it's a bonding agent that can be applied to metal and then polished to create a beautiful surface that lasts for years. It's an easy way to make something look expensive without having to spend much money, so enamel jewelry is super popular among people who want to wear nice things without breaking the bank.

  • Ways To Clean Rose Gold Jewelry

    Warm and rosy hues make for beautiful feminine pieces that add dimension to any outfit, day or night. There’s no wonder it’s your favorite. 

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  • How to clean oxidized or blackened jewelry

    Over time, costume jewelry tends to oxidize, and lose color and shine, in addition to acquiring a greenish or blackish hue. Is there a practical and economical solution to recover oxidized rings, earrings, and bracelets?

    Yes, and better yet, at Planderful we show you how to do it with the best tricks and home remedies.

  • Daily Activities That Damage Jewelry

    Your fine jewelry is probably one of the most treasured things you own. You admire your fine jewelry pieces so much that you want to wear them throughout the day.

  • How to Fix a Broken Necklace Chain?

    Repairing broken necklaces may seem a challenging and highly frustrating task that not many want to take the time to deal with.

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  • Sophia M.

    "I've tried various jewelry cleaners and protectors, but nothing compares to the EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine. Not only does it keep my silver and gold pieces sparkling, but knowing it's eco-friendly makes me feel good about using it. A must-have for anyone who loves their jewelry as much as I do!"

  • Liam G.

    "As someone who travels frequently, the lightweight and dual-purpose design of the EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine has been a game changer. It fits easily into my luggage and keeps my jewelry safe and shining. Plus, the environmental aspect is a big win. Highly recommend!"

  • Ava J.

    "I was skeptical at first, but after using the EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine, I'm impressed! It's so easy to use, and it really works. My jewelry hasn't looked this good in years, and it's all thanks to this amazing product. Plus, supporting an eco-conscious brand is always a plus in my book."

  • Ethan T.

    "Fantastic product! The EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine has not only saved me money on professional cleanings but also keeps my conscience clear with its eco-friendly packaging. It's rare to find a product that cares as much about the environment as it does about performance."

  • Olivia R.

    "I bought the EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine for my mom, and she absolutely loves it! She appreciates the simplicity and effectiveness of the cleaner, and as someone who's passionate about sustainability, she's thrilled with the eco-friendly aspect. It's her new go-to for jewelry care."

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At Planderful, we're passionate about enhancing your jewelry experience with thoughtful touches and exclusive offers:

  • Complimentary Planderful Extra Lift (PEL) with any earring purchase. Say goodbye to earlobe strain with this innovative support, originally $21.9, now offered for free.
  • Free EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine with any purchase. Elevate your jewelry care with our dual-purpose package, adding luxury and sustainability to your collection, free of charge from its original $19.9 value.
  • Complimentary Engraving on moissanite rings to personalize your special moments. Make each piece uniquely yours with a message that lasts forever.
  • Enjoy Free Delivery on all orders for a seamless shopping experience. Plus, our custom make service allows you to bring your unique vision to life. Contact us at for personalized designs.


What makes EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine eco-friendly?

EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine is crafted from sustainable materials designed to minimize environmental impact. Our packaging is reusable, recyclable, and made from recycled content, supporting our commitment to sustainability.

How do I use EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine to clean my jewelry?

Simply unwrap the EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine and gently rub your jewelry with the inner cloth. The special fabric is treated to safely clean and polish your precious items, restoring their sparkle without the need for harsh chemicals.

Can EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine be used on all types of jewelry?

Yes! Our product is safe for use on a wide range of jewelry, including gold, silver, platinum, and gemstones. However, we recommend checking the care instructions for specific pieces if you're unsure.

How does the packaging protect my jewelry?

EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine's packaging is designed to not only clean but also protect your jewelry. When not in use, wrap your jewelry in the cloth and place it back in the protective case. This reduces exposure to air and moisture, preventing tarnish and scratches.

How often should I use EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine on my jewelry?

Use EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine as needed to maintain the shine and cleanliness of your jewelry. For pieces worn regularly, a quick polish every few weeks can keep them looking their best.

Is EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine reusable?

Absolutely! Our product is designed for multiple uses. To ensure its longevity, store it properly and avoid washing the polishing cloth to maintain its special cleaning properties.

How can I obtain EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine?

EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine is exclusively available as a complimentary gift with any jewelry purchase from our collection. Explore our exquisite range of jewelry on our website, and receive your own EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine for free with your order. It's our way of saying thank you and ensuring your treasured pieces remain as radiant as the day you received them.

What if I want to return my jewelry purchase that included a free EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine?

We are committed to your satisfaction and understand that sometimes a return may be necessary. If you decide to return your jewelry purchase, please include the EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine with your return to ensure a smooth and efficient refund process. For more detailed information on how to return your items, please contact our customer service team.