How to Care for Your Pearl Jewelry

How to Care for Your Pearl Jewelry

A gemstone that is a living jewel, it is a Pearl. It has a natural luster that does not require any cutting, and polishing except for the cleaning process. 


Pearls are classic, feminine, and iconic gemstones favored by women all across the globe.


Pearls are a porous gemstone, they flatter anyone and everyone who wears them.


Freshwater pearls are a soft gemstone, they are not as hard as other gemstones such as diamond and sapphire.


Pearls are fragile as they are lustrous whether the pearls you own are simulated or cultured, they need special care and attention. 


The surface of a pearl is soft and is easily damaged so the pearl rings and bracelets are more subject to scuffing and scratching than pearls set in brooches, earrings, necklaces or strands.


Pearls should not be thrown into the jewelry box along with other gemstones, they must be cleaned regularly and taken good care of to maintain its luster and sheen.


How to Clean Pearls


Pearl jewelry can't be maintained the same way as other jewelry pieces. Read on to learn the best ways to clean and care for your pearls.


  1. Clean with a damp cloth when needed


If your pearl jewelry is visibly stained, you can clean them with a damp cloth. Take lukewarm water and mild dish soap mixed solution, dip a soft cleaning cloth in it and wipe the pearls. Do not directly submerge your pearl jewelry in water.


  1. Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after every wear


Make sure you wipe your Pearl jewelry after every wear which will help prevent any buildup of oils or other chemical substances that may have come in contact with your jewelry throughout the day.

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  1. Take them to the jeweler once a year


If you want to wear your pearls often then all that body oil doesn't do the silk thread any favors. Ensure to have your jeweler check the integrity of your pearl jewelry pieces once a year. They can give your pearls a thorough, and safe cleaning.


  1. Let them dry all the way before storing them


Make sure to keep your pearls dry before you store them, this helps preserve the elasticity of the silk strand and keep the pearl safe.

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Pearl Maintenance Tips


Pearls are a treasured family heirloom and often passed on from generations. So, it is very important to make sure your pearls last long enough to achieve heirloom status by following these maintenance tips:


  1. Never use makeup, hairspray, lotion or perfume once your pearls are on.


  1. Never hang your pearl jewelry on a jewelry rack. Make sure to store pearl jewelry flat to prevent them from stretching.


  1. Soft pearls are prone to scratches, so dedicate a space just for your pearls, store them separately in fabric-lined compartments.

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It’s easy to keep your pearl jewelry in its best condition as long as you take proper care, you can enjoy their beauty for a very, very long time.


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