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Exclusive Planderful Offers: Elevate Your Jewelry Experience

Unlock Special Promotions with Every Purchase

At Planderful, we're passionate about enhancing your jewelry experience with thoughtful touches and exclusive offers:

  • Complimentary Planderful Extra Lift (PEL) with any earring purchase. Say goodbye to earlobe strain with this innovative support, originally $21.9, now offered for free.
  • Free EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine with any purchase. Elevate your jewelry care with our dual-purpose package, adding luxury and sustainability to your collection, free of charge from its original $19.9 value.
  • Complimentary Engraving on moissanite rings to personalize your special moments. Make each piece uniquely yours with a message that lasts forever.
  • Enjoy Free Delivery on all orders for a seamless shopping experience. Plus, our custom make service allows you to bring your unique vision to life. Contact us at for personalized designs.
  • EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine

    Now Free with Any Purchase (Originally $19.9)

    Elevate your jewelry care experience with EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine, where luxury meets sustainability. This revolutionary, dual-purpose package is now exclusively offered for free with any purchase, originally valued at $19.9. Designed for the discerning individual, EcoLuxe Wrap & Shine not only provides unparalleled protection for your cherished jewelry pieces but also revives their sparkle with its integrated polishing feature.

  • PSC-Planderful Sensitive Care

    Planderful is committed to using sensitive-friendly materials  such as gold, 14K gold, 925 sterling silver to make earrings' needle. We have also improved the antioxidant packaging materials to reduce inevitable metal oxide. Probably not all of consumers recognizes the changes PSC brings, we still suggest use the materials and package that care sensitive skin more.

    Sensitive skin could be caused by many factors and may lead to different consequences, please seek for medical advice if sensitive symptons continue.

  • PEL-Planderful Extra Lift

    Now Available for Free with the Purchase of Any Earrings (Originally $21.9)

    At Planderful, we recognize the beauty and statement that chunky, bold earrings bring to any outfit. However, we also understand the concerns many earring lovers have regarding the stretching of earlobes over time due to the weight of these stunning pieces. To address this, we are proud to introduce the Planderful Extra Lift (PEL) - a revolutionary solution designed to provide extra support, ensuring your earlobes remain firm and your earrings sit perfectly, no matter their weight.

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