Ways to Properly Clean Silver Jewelry

Ways to Properly Clean Silver Jewelry

If you own silver jewelry that you don't put on often, you might notice a fine layer of discoloration the next time you go to put them on.


If you want to keep your beautiful silver jewelry in its perfect silver state you must clean it and regularly take care of it. 


Silver ornaments tend to tarnish over time as a result of a chemical reaction that takes place between the metals in the silver and moisture, also sulphur that’s naturally present in the air.


The off-color silver jewelry will make you frustrated when you're rushing to get ready and you reach in your jewelry dish for your special occasion only to find that it's totally tarnished.


So let us show you how to reverse this chemical reaction with items that are readily available at home.


Water and Soap


Take warm water in a small bowl and stir a few drops of mild dish soap into it.


Take a soft toothbrush and gently scrub away the tarnish from any crevices in the silver jewelry.


Rinse each item into the bowl. Dry them with a soft cloth. Never use a paper towel, it can scratch the soft surface of the silver piece.


This simple step will help remove dust and grime from your favorite silver jewelry.


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Hand Sanitizer


With the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, hand sanitizers are the most common and readily available item.


Sanitizers are a quick and easy solution if you need to polish your silver piece on the go. 


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Silver Polish


The silver polish is always sitting under the kitchen sink all the time, ready for its exact purpose.


Take a small amount of the silver polish to a soft polishing cloth, rub the jewelry with the cloth in circular motions to remove the tarnish.


After the tarnish is removed, rinse the piece with warm water, dry and buff it with a soft cloth to shine.


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Baking Soda and Aluminum Foil


Aluminum foil is always available in the kitchen, grab some of it to line the kitchen sink. Boil some water, take your bowl and line it with aluminum foil, keeping the shiny side up.


Now add 1 tablespoon of baking soda with each cup of water into the bowl and the solution will bubble.


Now put the silver jewelry in the dish, making sure that the jewelry is touching the aluminum foil.


Leave the solution untouched for 2-5 minutes. Now remove the jewelry safely and rinse with cold water and clean it using a dry cleaning cloth. 


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