Tips to mix your bracelets

Tips to mix your bracelets

Bracelets are a jewel that can not miss in your jewelry box, as they are a basic combinable with different looks and occasions. Surely at some point, you wonder if you can wear a gold bracelet with a silver one or if you can combine bracelets of different sizes, stop worrying, don't miss the tricks to mix the bracelets that Planderful has for you. Keep reading to know these tips.


Ideas to combine and mix your bracelets depending on their size

One of the points to consider when combining your jewelry are its dimensions because depending on it, it is possible to combine them with other pieces of jewelry, or not. Although there is no strict rule, everything will depend on the taste and personality of each person, but, in general, you should take into account the following:


-Small or delicate bracelets

On the contrary, if the bracelet is simple, delicate, or minimalist cut, the trend is to combine several pieces of the same style and different materials. It is also very nice to combine a thin and simple bracelet with an elegant and good-sized watch.


-Large bracelets

The rules of etiquette dictate that the bigger the piece, the less convenient it is to mix or match it with others, so as not to overshadow its splendor and not to overload the look.

Thus, take into account that if you decide to wear a bracelet of good size or maximalist cut, it is not necessary to combine it with anything other than a good dress attire and, perhaps, with equally large earrings.


How to match a gold, silver or diamond bracelet?

In terms of processing materials, we have that gold bracelets (yellow or white) and silver bracelets are easier to combine than diamond bracelets.


-Gold and silver bracelets

It will depend on the tone of the garment and the occasion, being possible to mix yellow gold pieces with dark clothing for evening events, and white gold or silver pieces with light clothing for daytime events.


-Moissanite bracelets

Because of their brilliance and size, they should be worn alone, with dark or brightly colored clothing to stand out, and can occasionally be combined with a simple chain and Moissanite earrings, but carefully so as not to overload.


Pair your bracelets with makeup

If you enjoy the world of makeup, you're going to love this tip. It requires a little more creativity and as much production as you want to put into it, but we assure you that you won't fail in the attempt.

Don't be afraid and try an easy look using a single color of your favorite bracelet as a shadow on your entire eyelid or even two colors in a simple eyeliner. If you want to make it more produced, you can play with the color of your eyelashes or eyebrows, or do a graphic eyeliner in neon or pastel colors.

If you want to take it to another level, you can take inspiration from the shapes and textures of your bracelet's fabric to create a super fun makeup look.


Other methods to combine your bracelets

-Using the same material: for example, use your bracelets that are made of leather, or any other material. Use three or four bracelets of different colors and designs, but made of the same material.

-Charms: Combine bracelets that have charms. They can be of different materials and colors, but the pendants will give uniformity to the combination.

-Colors: You can put some of them together by choosing a certain range of colors. The play of shades will make them look uniform and will add the final touch to your outfit.

-Things in common: The idea is to mix bracelets from a common point, which may be the tone, style, design, etc.. This way you can reinvent your accessories in different ways while maintaining an attractive visual unity.

-Dare to wear several bracelets, it's fashionable! If you are going to combine several bracelets they should not be too big to avoid overloading the wrist.


Should I wear long or short sleeves with multiple bracelets?

You don't need to stop wearing long sleeves when mixing and matching bracelets. Bracelets always add a little extra to a long sleeve evening dress. A dress with tight sleeves gives an impression of elegance and refinement. It is best to wear matching thin bracelets and jewelry to keep everything in balance.

Don't hesitate to wear bracelets above the sleeves. This is all the rage these days, and you can let your bracelets shine while wearing long sleeves. The art of mixing and matching bracelets is to keep the overall look in balance.

Want to match your summer dress with bracelets for dinner after a day at the beach? All gold bracelets are suitable for this. Anything goes during the vacations, so here you can even break the unwritten rule for once and wear thin bracelets on both arms. After all, it's the personal touch that's guaranteed to make your look shine.


How do I know what length my bracelets should be?

The last but most important step in choosing the perfect diamond bracelet or bracelets is to measure your wrist. This is easily done with a tape measure at home or at the jewelry store. The exact size of the bracelet is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer a tighter bracelet, and others might choose something a little looser. For a tight bracelet, take the circumference of the wrist and add 1.5 cm, if you prefer a fairly loose one, add 3 more centimeters to that circumference.


Buy bracelets online at Planderful

In the jewelry market there are many bracelets, with an avant-garde and maximalist trend and also classic and minimalist versions, both with multiple options to combine that will depend primarily on the personality of the wearer.

But these bracelets can stand out much more with our practical tips, because in Planderful we not only offer you the most beautiful, original, and best quality bracelets, we also give you the tips you need to wear them with style.


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