5 Types of Bracelets for Every Occasion

5 Types of Bracelets for Every Occasion

Trendy Bracelets can be one of the stylish accessories in your fashion armor that can help you create stunning, distinctive looks to suit different occasions in your life.


Stylish bracelets are designed to accentuate your wrists with attractive designs. The versatility of bracelets means that they can be worn every day.


The importance of the right bracelets in elevating a look from a dull, boring one to one that catches all the attention cannot be emphasized enough. 


Too many bracelets styles, so many occasions what to do? We have picked different types of bracelets to look at during your search.


  1. Pearl Bracelets


Pearl bracelets are a great option for women who have a taste for traditional and antique jewelry.


Go for a pair of small, classic pearls, to create a unique fusion look with western outfits for a festive occasion.

Try our Chain Bracelet with Freshwater Pearl - Silver Freshwater Pearl Bracelet for Women (Stainless Steel) with elegance and extreme finesse, and it highlights the personal feminine charm. 

  1. Chain Bracelet


Pick a simple and timeless chain of gold or silver to add a personal look with a chain bracelet that suits the recipient.


It is made using a series of metal loops, joined together to form a wrist accessory. Try experimenting with versatile chain styles and lengths.

You can opt for our Golden Chains Bracelet - Golden Bracelet for Women to get the experience of a chunkier feel and look.

  1. Gemstone Bracelet


You can also go for some shimmery gemstone bracelets if it matches your outfit. These designs help a woman sparkle with intricate cutwork or precious gemstones.


The rhapsody of colorful gemstones is an extension of a woman’s personality and hence reflect her personal style and design sensibilities. 


This Zircon Bracelet for Women has everything you need to make your special occasions memorable.

  1. Leather Bracelet


Spice up a white tee look by stacking different shapes or textures such as a Leather Bracelet. They have an exceptional quality and finest appeal.


A leather bracelet is a good option for those with an aversion to metal jewelry. They are most common with young men and are very inexpensive.

Our Golden Leather Bracelet - Golden Bracelet for Women is the common cuff-bracelet made of leather that appeals to youth the most.

  1. Bangle Bracelet


Bangle bracelets are a classier, more evolved version of a  traditional bangle. They have the potential to instantly elevate your look and make a statement anywhere you go. 


Bangle Bracelet as the name suggests, these are bracelets that are inflexible like bangles and have an opening either with a screw or a retractable claw clasp. 


Open them just by pushing the two sides apart from the bangle and close it onto your wrist. Bangle bracelets are easy to wear, easy to flaunt, and  ideal for a quick fashion fix.

The Forbidden City Gate Enamel with Pearl Bracelet for Women will add some sparkle to your outfit and make a statement making you stand out from the crowd.


Check out some more of the Planderful Bracelet collection to find your next favorite!

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