Gifts for new mothers

Gifts for new mothers

The most important and special moments in life, such as the birth of the first child, are often linked to unique and personal gifts. Jewelry is always a good choice when it comes to giving a gift full of meaning.

After 9 months of waiting, the day comes when the baby is born and it's all about gifts. But gifts for the newborn. But what about the new moms? Who remembers them? We must vindicate the indispensable and irreplaceable place that moms occupy when a child comes into the world. Shouldn't they be another of the great protagonists? Because they are champions and because they have just given us the best gift in the world, don't you think?

So, if you're thinking of giving gifts to new mothers or simply want to treat yourself to something that represents the magical moment of motherhood, here's what jewelry to get right!


Jewelry for mothers-to-be

The most appropriate for this type of occasion are pieces of jewelry with a minimalist and feminine design. For those who remember the new mothers, today we are going to give just a few ideas that we are told they all love because they are very special details.


Captivate her heart with a personalized piece of jewelry

It would also be desirable to avoid rings because fluid retention during pregnancy can alter the size of the rings.

Of course, few things are as exciting as receiving personalized jewelry. For its emotional and real value, for its durability over time, and because you can never have enough, this is one of the options that never fails.  We also want to bet on personalized jewelry, which today has come a long way in terms of design and production.

In Planderful you can customize your rings. Decide what you want to engrave and contact us. Remember to give one size up as the fingers may be swollen due to fluid retention, if in doubt find out first!


Jewelry in 18k

Gold is a material that, when used in jewelry, usually comes in different qualities or degrees of purity. This purity is measured in carats and can range from 8k to 24K, depending on the amount of gold that has been used to make the jewelry in question.

A piece of jewelry marked as 18 karats (18K) gold, also known as "sterling gold," contains 18 parts of gold mixed with 6 parts of another metal. Although 24Kt gold represents purity at its finest, there are several reasons why we should consider 18K more when purchasing jewelry.

Pure gold, due to its composition, is a very malleable and deformable material, so it is convenient to add alloys of other metals of higher hardness so that this feature does not pose a problem in the future. However, 18-karat gold has 75% of pure gold in its composition, the remaining 25% being other metals, which modify its hardness and resistance.

Therefore, in jewelry design, the gold used is 18k gold because it obtains a balance between the value of gold and the hardness due to the alloys. Thus our jewelry does not lose its shape and beauty.

Gold brings with it a series of advantages to be taken into account compared to those made of other materials. In addition to its distinctive color and brightness, the purity of the gold as a metal makes it generally an antiallergic material in contact with human skin, so it is suitable for all types of people. Also, the quality and durability guarantee offered by gold is not comparable to that offered by other materials used in jewelry.

Buying gold jewelry is a great option for a special gift. And there is nothing more pure and inspiring than a mother's love. Mothers are our feet on earth, but also our wings to fly. An 18 Kt gold piece of jewelry that is able to reflect that special and true love is the proposal of Planderful to give to new mothers.


Slave bracelets

Slave bracelets shine with their own light among the jewelry that you can give to a woman who has just become a mother. More and more people are giving this gift to new mothers as a symbol of love and gratitude.

Slave bracelets originated in India. On their wedding day, women received a bracelet made of branches or plants, which symbolized their fidelity to their husbands. This fidelity could only be broken if the man died in the war. War conflicts were constant and, for this reason, she could marry another man if the previous one died. However, Indian women could only have three slaves and, therefore, three husbands.

Simplicity in its design is one of its qualities. Its rigid hoop, the absence of ornaments, and the fact that it cannot be opened make this bracelet a nice gift for a special person. Despite the passing of the years, slave bracelets are still a symbol of love for our loved ones.


Pearl earrings

Jewelry for new mothers should, at all times, suit the tastes of the new mother. Pearl earrings are timeless jewelry that always becomes the perfect gift. Therefore, they are our recommendation to get it right without taking risks. Also because of its simple design, this jewelry is very discreet and will not be annoying to wear on a daily basis. New mothers will have a long journey to go through and they do not have enough time to choose their jewelry. So the best option is pearl earrings that keep their beauty but the mother will not even notice they are there.

Jewelry with hearts

At Planderful we have many options for you. Our favorites for the occasion are jewelry with heart motifs. You can opt for minimalist, simple and beautiful designs. Because of its symbolism, jewelry with hearts is a symbol of familiarity, pure love, protection, and home.

To learn more about the symbolism of hearts in jewelry you can read our article: Love is everywhere: Why does the heart symbol never fail


Jewelry with natural motifs

Another good option is to give jewelry with natural motifs such as plants, which have had symbolism for centuries. Regardless of culture, the most universal meaning of plants is life, growth, and roots. Plants are also often associated with hope, faith, love, and luck. Depending on the type of plant, it can symbolize wealth and health.

Giving jewelry with natural motifs to a mother-to-be will be a good gesture, they are jewels that symbolize good omens and will be her totem of protection. To learn more, we recommend our article on jewelry inspired by nature: Nature-inspired jewelry that you must have


At Planderful we have a wide variety of accessories to make a unique and special gift to a new mom, what is your favorite option? Now it's up to you to choose the jewelry that best suits the tastes of the future mom that you surely already know to perfection.



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