Nature-inspired jewelry that you must have

Nature-inspired jewelry that you must have

Jewelry designs inspired by nature have become very recurrent elements and star in the best jewelry pieces. Nature offers endless harmonious shapes to create spectacular designs, which are full of freshness and elegance, to which a bohemian touch is added.

This trend encompasses many aspects of nature, from animal shapes, and plants to the colors of landscapes or abstract forms. In addition to resorting to purely natural materials such as stones, gems, or metals. The range of possibilities is immense.

We can find jewelry from simple lines to more complex and elaborate pieces, full of decoration. There is no middle ground for the creation of jewelry, but depending on the style we can find pieces that suit our style, personality, or character.

The success of nature-inspired jewelry is not only in the great variety of items offered but also in what nature means to human beings. People link nature with tranquility, health, freedom, and the nostalgia of when we were little and spent our vacations playing in huge fields... And many of these jewels include these elements in their designs, giving the jewelry a meaning beyond the aesthetic.


The ocean is calling for a beach vibe

Ocean has the best calming effect for everyone. That's why jewelry inspired by marine elements has become a trend lately. In our catalog, you can find jewelry inspired by the color of the ocean and the peculiar animals that coexist in that ecosystem. These jewelry pieces shine brightly and will make you stand out and be confident all year long.

Any of these ocean-inspired jewelry pieces are the best to give a festive mood to your attire with nature-inspired designs like sea creatures. These pieces of jewelry provide a relaxed and beachy ambiance that will represent our dream of sunnier days to come.


Color and sparkling gems are the new vibe

Having bright and vibrant sterling silver jewelry inspired by nature adds not only color but also a hint of nostalgia. Using stones in jewelry is very popular. Plus they show your aura of positive mood throughout the outing. Wearing any of these stone jewelry pieces with vivid hues are meant to communicate your message and stories. You're going to stand out wherever you go.



Jewelry that is shaped like animals, or inspired by them, such as animal print jewelry, are some of the nature-inspired designs that are having a huge triumph.

Maybe it is because we feel identified with animals, either because we are great animal lovers, or because we have a favorite animal or one that brings back memories.

Also, it can be said that great jewelry in the shape of animals has always broken molds throughout history because they are pieces with a lot of character and strength even if they are made with delicate stones and metals.


Butterfly Jewelry

Butterflies deserve their own section. Within the world of jewelry, some figures have been used for a long time, either for fashion elements or for their meaning and shape.  The butterfly is one of them, being an element closely related to the floral trend that adorns all our accessories, and that makes us look beautiful.

Butterflies are considered messengers of good news, even the good beginning of a marriage, so using figures of these little animals at the beginning of a task will help to reinforce the confidence to achieve success.

Giving a Butterfly Jewel has a lot of sentiment behind it.  It is wishing for a life full of joy. Giving it to yourself is giving yourself the gift of freedom and good wishes. Butterflies represent the cycle of life.  The evolution and culmination of stages.  That is why giving a piece of Butterfly Jewelry to girls who are going from childhood to adolescence, at their graduation, or to congratulate a new professional opportunity, is a very wise choice.

Undoubtedly, butterflies are amazing insects, extremely beautiful, with wonderful figures and colors on their wings, which have amazed mankind for centuries.  Jewelry collections that include butterflies are ideal for those with an innate, mischievous and charming beauty.


Flowers, leaves, and trees

It is not surprising that many have wanted to wear floral-inspired jewelry to signify a new life and a flourishing life ahead.

By itself, this theme has always been present in the jewelry world because they are elements that by themselves give elegance, romanticism, and delicacy to the pieces. In addition, they have been the favorite shapes of many women throughout history.

Flowers, and everything related to them, have the advantage of being a timeless theme, this means that while animals, and stars... may depend more on trends, flowers are elements that are always present in jewelry designs.



Stars have been gradually appearing in jewelry until it has become a very common element. It is one of the elements that are most linked to spirituality by astronomy, astrology, folk tales, and by the classical Roman, Greek, and Egyptian cultures, because they thought that destiny and history were written in the sky.


Pearls are instantly fresh and timeless

The freshwater pearl is a gemstone that has been prized for centuries for its mystical beauty. These natural gems are formed from freshwater oysters and come in a variety of colors. It takes months for the oyster to form the perfect sphere and set it within its shell.

The origins of the pearl date back to ancient times, when the Babylonians adorned themselves with jewelry made from these precious stones. Over time, the Romans also adopted this practice, giving the stone its rightful place in the history of fashion.  Freshwater pearls are that they are natural gems that span centuries of history.

The importance of freshwater pearls lies in the fact that they cannot be reproduced with any other precious stone on the planet. The process of creating these pearls can take up to 6 months, making it a worthwhile investment.

Pearl jewelry has regained its growing popularity in recent years. This is because wearing pearls on your wrist and neck will add a modern, chic and edgy touch to your overall attire. Also because the freshwater pearl has long been a symbol of purity, innocence, and wealth.



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