5 mistakes to avoid when choosing wedding rings

5 mistakes to avoid when choosing wedding rings

Choosing wedding rings is one of the most exciting tasks for the bride and groom who are going to say "I do" in the coming months. One of the preparations involves getting it completely right since they will be choosing a jewel that will accompany them for the rest of their lives. In Planderful you can choose the wedding ring of your dreams, but first, we will give you some tips so you do not make any mistakes that you can regret. These are the 5 most common mistakes you should avoid to choose the right wedding ring.


  1. Opting for the cheapest ones

One of the most common mistakes is to make a decision based on the price of the rings. It’s a decision that you may regret over time. Many couples choose the cheapest rings in order to lower the overall budget of the event. But considering the sentimental value of this jewel, it is not worth skimping.

Be sure of the type of material, for example, if it is 9 karat gold although its price may be a little cheaper, and 18 karat gold jewelry will always give you better value for money. But you can also opt for cheaper options, without losing quality. For example, we have a wide variety of precious gemstone rings. We recommend Moissanite rings, a rare and scarce stone extremely similar to diamonds, which has earned them wide popularity among jewelry experts.

Moissanite, generally colorless, is similar in hardness and brilliance to the diamond. However, what makes this gem stand out from the rest is its position on the refractive index of brilliance at approximately 2.65 - 2.69. Due to its rarity, it is now manufactured in laboratories rather than mined, making it a great option for jewelers who want to create their designs in a more ethical and eco-friendly way.

Think of wedding rings as jewelry you'll wear for a lifetime, so it's not the best bridal task to skimp on.



  1. Choosing the wedding rings at the last minute

We know that there are many preparations for a wedding day. This is a very common mistake among the bride and groom because the rest of the wedding preparations take all their attention, but the wedding rings, being custom-made jewelry, require a manufacturing time. In this case, we recommend you order them at least one month in advance.

This way you can be calm and you will have a margin to make any modification if necessary. Even if you choose rings with your correct size, you should leave a margin in case that size does not correspond to you. Keep in mind that we do not choose wedding rings, at first sight, take your time.



  1. Choosing the wrong size

At Planderful we recommend that you take your measurements before choosing your wedding rings. So that you can measure yourself with total accuracy, and that the pieces do not fit you or fit loose, we recommend this article: How Do I Know My Ring Size?

Betting on a different size with future intentions is a big mistake. For example, there are brides who might think: "I better choose half a size up because the wedding day will be very hot and the fingers will dilate". We do not advise it.



  1. Wedding rings don't have to be the same

Many brides base their choice of wedding ring on the design of their engagement ring. We're not saying it's wrong to do it this way, but we don't think you should choose an option you don't like just because the two pieces look good together.

Keep in mind that the wedding ring can be worn on the other hand and that nowadays, both rings do not have to be the same shade of gold, for example. All combinations are allowed.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, at Planderful we have a wide variety of materials and finishes to choose from. The options of available models have multiplied and it is very likely that the couple does not coincide in the same model of the alliance.

In this sense, we recommend you to be flexible and it is okay to wear different models as long as it is your style, keep in mind that you will wear it in your day to day and that the important thing is its meaning.

If you plan to wear your engagement ring daily, keep in mind that you can combine it with a model in two-tone gold or white, or even pink gold, but do not let your final decision be reduced to whether or not it looks good together, as you can change your mind later and decide to wear only the wedding ring.



  1. You don't need to follow trends

Finally, we never advise you to choose a design just because it has become fashionable, because it is a trend or because the most "common" thing to do is to choose an identical model for both members of the couple.

At Planderful we have a wide collection formed by a great variety of designs, with the aim of being able to satisfy and adapt to the taste of each bride and groom.

There are couples that will coincide and others who prefer to wear different designs. Both options are perfect. The most important thing is that each member of the couple is convinced of their choice and feels comfortable wearing their ring. Otherwise, it may happen that one of the two, stops wearing the wedding ring because he/she does not feel comfortable with it.



The world of bridal jewelry is reinventing itself and adapting more and more to the needs of the most demanding bride and groom with a wide variety of materials and finishes, which is why in the maelstrom of preparing a wedding, the choice of wedding rings is one of the most important choices. It is essential to choose the right wedding ring as it is a jewel that we hope to wear for a long time and know how to choose the right one to make that day truly special.

So far some of the mistakes when choosing wedding rings. If you need advice do not hesitate to contact us. Visit Planderful's website to discover the jewelry we have to offer.

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