How Do I Know My Ring Size?

How Do I Know My Ring Size?

Buying a ring online and having doubts about its size is another reality that is more common than you might think. At Planderful we want you to never go through that unnecessary frustration again. You will not need more soap and water for rings impossible to remove, nor more doubts in the shopping cart. Therefore, we bring you the definitive guide to knowing your size, pay attention!


The world of rings and sizing

The perfect ring is the one that fits correctly to our finger, that is to say, that does not fall but that, at the same time, allows an easy sliding across the knuckle.  Having different sizes on each finger makes it necessary that, when buying a ring, you decide which finger will be the lucky one to wear: thumb, index, middle, ring, and little finger. You should also consider how you are going to wear it.


Tips for Measuring Your Ring Size

  • Our dominant hands are usually a bit larger and almost all fingers have different sizes, so make sure you measure the finger where you are going to use your ring.
  • Wider rings fit a little tighter so be sure to measure a ring with a similar width to the one you want to buy.
  • When trying a ring on your finger for sizing, and try to be at normal body temperature: fingers can shrink or expand when it is hot or cold, after exercise and when you are sweating.
  • If your knuckle is too big, take 2 measurements and choose an average of the two. It is important that when you put on and take off the ring it goes over the knuckle, but not too loose.
  • Don't stress about getting the right size if you get it wrong and your ring is larger or smaller than it should be.


Ring Sizing Guide

The universe of rings revolves around variety and allows, as we indicated in the post How to combine rings? There are an infinite number of possible combinations to make your hand the center of attention. In the different ways that exist to combine a ring come into play variables such as the chosen finger and the part of it in which the ring will be worn. Ring sets are able to elevate any look, so we want to emphasize the importance of choosing your size correctly.

Here is a ring sizing guide for you to consider:

How to measure ring size?

Understanding ring sizing may seem complicated, but it can be as easy as it is fun. Using a tape measure is the best way to determine your ring size. For best results, keep in mind that there should be enough room for the knuckle to pass through. As mentioned, fingers vary in size during the day depending on various factors, such as temperature and humidity. Therefore, we recommend that you measure your finger at the end of the day, probably when it will be most dilated. Also, the same finger may have a different ring size on the left and right hand. Measure the finger you want to wear the ring on.


We recommend these following methods:


Determine your size by measuring the inside circumference of a ring that fits you.

Steps to follow:

- Take a ring that fits the finger of the hand where the ring will be worn, a good fit is when you feel that it goes on and off without discomfort, but does not feel loose when you move your hand. Choose a ring that is not too bulky, like a wedding band.

- When you find the right ring, find a white sheet of paper, then take a pencil and draw the inner contour of the ring. You will be left with the inner silhouette of the ring drawn on the sheet, which is a shape similar to a circle.

- Then use a ruler to measure the exact diameter in millimeters of this circular shape you drew on the paper.

- Go back to the Ring Sizing Guide to find out what size the inside diameter of the ring you measured corresponds to. For example, if the diameter of the circle you drew is 15.7 mm, your size will be size 5, which corresponds to the diameter closest to the one you measured. Try to be as accurate as possible.

Use a Sizer

A ring sizer works similarly to a flexible sewing tape measure, all you have to do is put it around the finger you want to know the size of and adjust it until it fits comfortably, as if it were a ring.

Unlike the meter, this meter does not indicate millimeters or centimeters but directly tells you what your size is.

Use paper tape

Step 1: Prepare a strip of paper about 3 mm wide by at least 70 mm long. Place the tape measure on the finger and run it around the finger to form a circle. 

Step 2: Adjust the size of the circle, run it over the knuckle and make sure it fits comfortably. 

Step 3: Then mark with a pen the point where the paper overlaps the other side. A small piece of tape will help you to keep it in place while marking with the pen.

Step 4: Write down the measurements in millimeters and use the sizing guide or comparison chart to determine the size of the ring.


Template for comparison

You can print this template in actual size. Take a ring that fits you and place it on the different circles until you find the one that best matches, that's your size!

More and more people do their shopping online and in the world of jewelry and costume jewelry. On-line shopping is growing all the time, but there are still many women and men who do not know their size and do not want to do it.

We hope this guide has given you results. Whether they are round rings, adjustable or with a flat part; silver, gold or costume jewelry rings, or with gems, these methods are valid for measuring any type of ring.

It’s easy and simple, right? Well, now you can buy or give a ring as a gift without fear of making a mistake.

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