Is Moissanite better than Diamond?

Is Moissanite better than Diamond?

In conclusion, Moissanite has been proven that not only does it look like diamond, but it behaves similarly as well, maintaining its shine and withstanding daily wear and extreme temperatures. Moissanite is an excellent alternative to Diamonds.


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1. What is Moissanite?

1.1 Definition: Moissanite is naturally occurring silicon carbide and its various crystalline polymorphs. It has the chemical formula SiC and is a rare mineral, discovered by the French chemist Henri Moissan in 1893. Silicon carbide is useful for commercial and industrial applications due to its hardnessoptical properties and thermal conductivity.

Source from: Moissanite - Wikipedia


2. Moissanite VS Diamond

2.1 Appearance

2.1.1 Where the beauty comes from a diamond?

The beauty of a diamond mainly comes from the special effect it has on light, which is what we often call brilliance, fire light and sparkle.

Bright light is the white light emitted from the inside of the diamond to the outside. It is related to the refractive index of the gemstone.

The higher the refractive index of the gemstone, the stronger it is. It can be seen from the table that moissanite is slightly higher than diamond, so the light will be stronger than diamond.

Fire light, also known as rainbow light, is also called dispersion in optics, that is, the ability of white light to disperse various colors. It can be seen from the table that moissanite is 2.6 times that of diamond, so fire light is better than diamond.

The sparkle mainly comes from the reflected light from the facets of the gemstone. The more facets there are, the more sparkle there is. Because moissanite and diamonds have the same number of facets, the sparkle is roughly the same. 

2.2 Distinguish the Dimond and Moissanite

Diamonds often contain angular minerals or cracks, while ordinary moissanite often contains needle-like features.

Natural diamonds often retain the original crystal plane below the waist, referred to as the original crystal plane.

Thermal conductivity probe (also known as drill pen)

The heat transfer of diamonds is the highest and the best among various substances, far higher than that of metals such as gold and copper. Using this feature, the instrument can be distinguished not only correctly but also quickly. Diamonds regardless of size, rough or finished, can be identified with this probe.

Since moissanite and diamonds conduct heat as well, some instrument cannot distinguish between diamonds and moissanite, and must be distinguished by a moissanite thermal conductivity probe.

However, not all instruments can accurately measure diamonds or imitations, and some have errors because of improper operation, so instrument data can only be used for reference, and it is up to experienced workers to distinguish true from false.

Moissanite passed the test of the drill pen perfectly

2.3 Burning

When the gemstone is burned with a lighter, the moissanite will turn slightly yellow, but it will return to its original shape after annealing. Note that after the glass-filled diamond is fired, cracks may occur due to the flow of glue. Unless absolutely necessary, generally do not try this method to avoid disputes. 

2.4 Water Drop Test

The diamond has high hydrophobicity, and the water droplets will not spread on the diamond. For example, if the diamond table is washed so that it is free of grease, small water droplets will be placed on the diamond, and the water droplets will not spread. But most imitations, such as CZ\YAG\zircon, can also form diamond-like water droplets on the surface. Therefore, this method is of little significance in the actual stone detection process.


3. Price

Moissanites are worth less than diamonds, but can still be expensive. The price of a moissanite will depend on the size, but it is much less than its diamond counterpart.

3.1 Determine the price of Moissanite

Similar to diamonds, there are a few factors that will determine the exact cost of any moissanite you decide to purchase. These include:

3.1.1 Carat

The size of the gem will determine how much it is worth. A smaller stone will cost less than a bigger stone. Moissanites are measured more in millimeters than carats because they weigh about 10 to 15% less than diamonds. You can usually shop for the moissanite stone in both millimeters and in a diamond carat weight to help.

3.1.2 Cut

The cut of the moissanite needs to be done to maximize the brilliance, sparkle, and fire of the stone. When the stone is cut well, it allows for more light to dance on the stone and improve its value.

3.1.3 Color

The color is important here too. You can find them ranging from D to K. D, E, and F are going to be colorless, G, H, and I are nearly colorless, and then J and K have a little hue to it. With moissanite stones, when you get over a certain carat size, the color is more likely to show as well which can bring the value down.

3.1.4 Clarity

And finally, the clarity is important as well. Most stones, including the moissanite, will have some imperfections. But many of these will only be seen under some close inspection. The clarity is rated from FL to i3. FL means that the imperfections are only seen under 10c magnification. A grade of i3 will have imperfections that you can see without magnification.

3.1.5 Resell Value

The resell value of the Moissanite gemstone might be less than your purchase price. 

3.1.6 Investment Value

Common Moissanite rings are normally between 1 and 2 carats. Some article said the average loss anticipated on those rings, are normally 50% in the past few years. However, the quality of Moissanite gemstone is improving, you might purchase them in a much cheaper price for the same quality than few years ago. Moissanite good to be used as rather than investment today because it’s relatively similar to the diamond for a much cheaper price. Investors might shift their strategy to buy Moissanite to use and put the rest money to other investment.

3.1.7 Moissanite and Love

Superior Quality Moissanite Gemstone will give you a perfect cut, colour, clarity. There is no problem to represent a forever love story and promise.


4.0 Not sure but want to try the Moissanite accessories?

We suggest you buy a less expensive one as a beginner, giving it a try of wearing it for a while. Then you may buy a more expensive one with higher quality of cut, colour and clarity.








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