How to Ware Moissanite Jewelry

How to Ware Moissanite Jewelry


  • Under normal circumstances, women wear more earrings, and pay attention to paired applications.
  • It is generally not suitable to wear multiple earrings on one ear.
  • When wearing earrings, you should have both the face shape. In summary, it is not necessary to choose earrings that are similar to the face shape.
  • If there is no special request, there is no need to wear chain earrings, necklaces and corsages. All three are concentrated on the chest line. It is very easy to look too self-presented and complicated.


Bracelet, simple and generous jewelry is king

  • When wearing bracelets, the focus is on the beauty of wrists and arms.
  • Generally do not wear more than one bracelet on one wrist.
  • Both boys and girls can wear bracelets.


Necklace, less is more

  • Generally, no more than one necklace can be worn, but one long necklace can be rolled into several circles and worn.
  • The necklaces worn by men should generally not be exposed.
  • Short necklace, about 40 cm long, suitable for matching with low-neck tops;
  • Mid-length necklaces, about 50 cm long, can be widely used;
  • Long necklace, about 60 cm long, suitable for women to use in interpersonal places;
  • Super long necklace, about 70 cm long, suitable for ladies to wear in a solemn interpersonal place.


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