Different Cut Shapes of Moissanite

Different Cut Shapes of Moissanite

Like diamonds, each shape has its own idiosyncrasies and specifications, which are a big factor in its appearance. Possessing unparalleled refractive index and fire, round is the most popular moissanite, and it sparkles beautifully in all kinds of jewelry. Other than round, such as princess, heart, emerald, teardrop and marquise, these unique shapes are not as popular as round, but they can be combined with beautiful style as fusion to become a unique jewelry.


Popular Moissanite Shapes

1.1 Round

The round cutting is the use of optical theory and precise mathematical calculations by professional cutters for hundreds of years to continuously optimize the fire and refractive index of round gems. With excellent polishing and symmetry, the brilliant light of round moissanite is maximized. Round moissanite accounts for 70% of the total market share. Round moissanite is usually cut brilliantly and has 57 facets, which will give the effect of "hearts and arrows" when cut well. Round moissanites are available in almost all styles, from classics to the most innovative designs.


1.2 Princess Square

Fashionable and beautiful princess square, also known as “princess-cut”. The ideal princess square is a complete square with four sharp right angles. The princess square is a symbol of fashion and is the most popular shape, after round. The beautiful brilliance of the princess cut and the unique square cut make the princess cut moissanite ring look more charming and emotional, making it a popular choice for rings.


1.3 Emerald Shape

The emerald shape has a unique optical visual appearance, with a wide table and looks extremely elegant and clear, however it is not as bright and sparkling as a round moissanite. The step cut highlights the clarity of the gemstone. If the clarity of the emerald-cut gemstone is low, there are usually many more obvious inclusions than round diamonds. The clarity of moissanite is generally VVS or above, so there is no need to worry about inclusions. In addition, the emerald-shaped step cut can also be applied to the square moissanite, also known as the asscher square (positive emerald).


1.4 Asscher/True Emerald

The Asscher square has a classic temperament and is very suitable for wearers with a fashion sense of smell. The asscher cut is the same as the emerald cut, the only difference being that it is square, whereas the emerald is rectangular. Likewise, if an Asscher-cut gemstone is of lower clarity, it will usually have significantly more inclusions than a round diamond. Moissanite is generally VVS or above, so don’t worry.


1.5 Marquise / Marquise

Marquise is a very stylish cut. The marquise-shaped moissanite has two obvious advantages. One is that it can increase the plane area of ​​the moissanite to the highest level, making it appear larger in appearance. Marquise brilliant-cut moissanite is even more beautiful than round or pear-shaped side stones sometimes, as the length of the marquise diamond makes the fingers appear thinner.


1.6 Oval

The oval cut is named directly for its shape, and the oval moissanite is also brilliantly cut, so it has a beautiful sparkle, similar to a round diamond. The oval shape is also very popular because its length accentuates the slenderness of the fingers, especially among women with smaller palms.


1.7 Radiant

Radian is a cutting that only appeared in modern times. The shape of the radiant moissanite is the same as the emerald, and the cut is brilliant, so it has the elegance of an emerald with the sparkle of a round diamond. The radiant moissanite is very sparkling and beautiful with emerald-shaped or round side stones.


1.8 Pear/Drop

The pear-shaped moissanite is brilliant-cut, with a tip on one side and a semi-circle on the other side. It is also called a drop shape because it resembles a crystal-clear water drop. The teardrop shape has a unique charm and highlights a soft beauty, so it is also a popular choice for high-end jewelry.


1.9 Heart

The heart shape is the most popular symbol of love. This is the best wedding ring shape for the romance. Hearts can also be combined with other shapes. In terms of cutting technology, heart-shaped cutting usually uses more raw materials, because the left and right sides of the heart must be exactly the same and symmetrical regardless of shape and size.


1.10 Cushion/Pillow

The cushion shape has been popular for over a century and is one of the oldest cutting styles, and the preferred length to width ratio of the cushion shape is 1:1. The cushion cut (also known as the "cushion cut") has rounded corners and larger facets that accentuate the gem's own brilliance.


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