Your Savvy Guide to Earring Materials

Your Savvy Guide to Earring Materials

Earrings are the most loved accessories that are popular among both men and women. Earrings can make a fashion statement. They are made in different styles and for various occasions.


Back in the Achaemenid Empire (around 550–330 BCE), earrings have served a wide range of purposes and continue to do so today. 


Throughout history, earrings symbolized religious beliefs and indicated the status of wealth.


Earrings come in a variety of designs, styles, shapes, and materials. Some common materials used to make earrings consist of gold, silver, precious stones, crystals, gemstones, pearls, and beads. 


No matter when you wear them, there’s no doubt that earrings are alluring and make you sparkle and shine. 


Before you commit to a pair of earrings, Let us now understand the various materials used in making earrings.


Pearl Earrings


Pearls are the most precious materials used in earrings. Pearls are one of the most sought-after materials for earrings as they are difficult to harvest. 


Pearls bring life to the most plain-looking earrings and bring about a sense of luxury and royalty to the entire look.  


(Two Colours) Tide Enamel with Pearl Golden Drop Earrings for Women are a classic drop earring style.

Gold Earrings


Gold never tarnishes and has great workability which makes it the most preferable metal. 


Gold can last indefinitely, that makes it a prized metal to jewelers as well as consumers. 


Gold possesses medicinal properties which is why it is common in households. The pure form of gold as it is very soft to make earrings out of.


Silver Earrings


Various factors make silver as one of the most popular jewelry metals. Silver has been valued more highly than gold by people. 


It is much more abundant and much less expensive than gold or platinum. Silver earrings are generally combined with precious and semi-precious stones, since it is a soft metal so it is often combined with copper to make it more ductile.
Sailboat Enamel Silver Drop Earrings for Women are a glamorous and ornate type of statement earrings.


Gemstone Earrings


Gemstones are the most common materials which come in different shapes and sizes as well which makes them very flexible when it comes to styling. 


These colorful gemstones can be combined with various other materials like silver and gold. 


With many colors available when it comes to stones be it topaz, zircon, sapphire, opal, ruby, amethyst, quartz, jasper, emerald, etc, the combinations that can be concocted are endless. This is the most common material when it comes to earrings.


Diamond Earrings


Diamond earrings are a popular choice for a timeless minimalist look. Diamonds are the most precious stones of all time to be used in earrings. 


They can make the most mundane things look gorgeous with all the luster and class. 


Diamonds are generally studded in patterns within the jewelry. They are popular for their elegance and the class.


We hope this earring guide has been able to help you find the perfect pair of earrings. 


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