Why you should give black stones in jewelry

Why you should give black stones in jewelry

The color black is usually related to the dark and negative, but in the case of black stones, we can assure you it is not so. In fact, its meaning is quite the opposite. The same applies to the properties they have and how they can help you.

That's why we want to tell you in this post everything related to black stones, such as their meaning (which will surprise you), their properties, and virtues and thus give the value that really deserves the black stone, removing all the negativities that are attributed to it.

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What do black stones mean?

Black stones are intimately related to self-control, serenity, and resilience. This is because nowadays black gemstones signify elegance, prestige, courage, and personal empowerment. They also show modernity, style, formality, authority, and strength without underestimating the touch of formality and natural sobriety imposed by the color black.

Another of its virtues is to improve concentration and memory. And what will surely surprise you the most is what we are going to tell you now, and that is that black stones serve to protect you from bad energies and envy.

Yes, yes, you are reading right, they are black energetic stones with which you are protecting yourself from the bad vibrations of others; in fact, they are also used to clean the environments of bad energies.

The black stones also have the ability to harmonize the chakras, something logical, because they absorb all the negative energy normally to restore all levels, even helping to restore any holes that might have the aura.



What is the name of the black stone?

In jewelry and costume jewelry jet stone was very famous a century ago, however, its popularity was diminished by its competitors, obsidian stone, opal stone, and even black quartz.


What is the name of the black stone of the rings?

But the most popular black gemstone is tourmaline. The black star sapphire located exclusively in Chanthaburi, Thailand is extremely famous. Learn more about black gemstones for jewelry.


Did you know...?

The meaning of black stones Coahuila actually corresponds to the name of a city called Piedras Negras which is located within the state of Coahuila in northeastern Mexico and its coat of arms obviously features black stones.



How to use the black stone?

In recovery treatments, black tourmaline must be positioned straight on the body. For the chakras, the stone should be placed in the exact place where you want to release and transform the energy. When you want to maintain the cleanliness of the space, it should be placed on a small table or corner.


The silver ring with a black stone

Black stones are the symbol of prosperity, health, strength, happiness, and above all fidelity. Rings with black stones are perfect for fashion lovers and for all those who want to convey an elegant and sophisticated but modern image.



What is a dark black stone?

It is believed that obsidian, which is a black and dark stone, paradoxically casts a beam of light on your soul, allowing you to positively release hidden and unsuspected energies. Black tourmaline, on the other hand, is the black stone of choice for absorbing and neutralizing negative energies in the environment.


What are black stones in magic?

Black stones are used in magic to perform the invisibility spell because the black color means the absence of light; when the spell is performed, the actions are hidden from simple human sight.


What is the energetic power of the black stone?

It is linked to important Spanish traditions and legends, such as the talisman of the Camino de Santiago. The energetic power of this black stone is abundant, so it is recommended for protection against the evil eye, negative energy in general and evil spells.



Types of black stones

Here we are going to give you the main names of black stones detailing the characteristics of the stone, which are attached to the properties that the black color has in itself and that we have already mentioned.

Well, we don't need to tell you that in the list will appear precious and semi precious black stones, but that does not influence at all in its power, but in the way you can wear it, either embedded in a jewel or create an amulet or as an ornament and protective stone in houses.

The choice is yours!


Agate: helps to release energy by eliminating stress and is the ideal stone to protect against bad dreams.


Amethyst: helps to clarify ideas and to put order the feelings and values.


Andradite: helps to reinforce and increase strength, will, and courage.


Jet: of great energetic power serves to protect against the evil eye.


Rutilated quartz: attracts joy and enthusiasm and therefore the desire to do things and be active; having the ability to ward off fears and sadness.


Black diamond: as with the white diamond is the most powerful of the black stones and is that its power joins the stone that accompanies and doubles its power.


Star Diopside: encourages creativity and promotes love and commitment.


Cat's eye scapolite:helps to achieve inner peace and overcome difficulties. It is also the ideal stone to overcome depression.


Hematite: improves self-esteem by removing negative thoughts and feelings.


Black Jade: is closely related to life and power, as well as symbolizing authority.


Melanite: helps to stimulate the senses and vitality.


Obsidian: helps to know yourself deeply, bringing to light unsuspected feelings and thoughts.


Onyx: helps to improve perseverance and determination.


Black Opal: drives away depression and apathy.


Black pearl: absorbs negative energy and promotes kindness and justice.


Black tourmaline: eliminates our negative thoughts and feelings and protects us from bad energies.



How did you feel? Now you can close your mouth and blink because what we have just told you about black stones is totally true, so stop thinking about them in the negative to do it in the positive and benefit from all the virtues that we have told you.

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