When And Why Do Piercings Close Up?

When And Why Do Piercings Close Up?

If you’ve recently gotten pierced, you may be wondering how long you can keep your jewelry out for. 


Does a piercing close back up? If you’re asking this question, you’re likely considering removing your jewelry.


Don't worry your piercings won't close in a few hours. How soon your ear piercing will close up depends on a number of factors. 


One of the most important factors is how long you’ve had the piercing for. The longer you’ve had your piercing, the more chances of the hole remaining more or less open.


It could be that you’ve fallen out of love with your existing piercing, so you need to make room for a new one, or are concerned about taking out the jewelry for a long time.


How Long It Takes for A Piercing to Close Up?


How much longer the piercing takes to close up is dependent on various factors. For instance, a lobe, or a helix piercing can take as long as six months to fully heal.


If it’s a new piercing, removing the jewelry may cause it to close up in a matter of a few hours.

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During the healing process, the jewelry holds the skin in a specific shape while the tissue is regenerated.


Extremely older piercings like the ones from childhood or like decades ago may even take an extremely long time to close up without jewelry. 

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However, everyone has a different body regardless of the research, so there’s no real science of how long it will take for a piercing to close.


What If Your Piercing Hole Is Closed?


After your piercing has closed, putting your favorite pieces on again might feel like a struggle. 


You need to make sure whether your piercing has really closed up or if it's just gotten a little smaller.


The best thing you can do in that case is avoid using force because trying to push your piece back in can may lead to an open wound into the healed piercing and may cause swelling, infection and scarring.


Is It Possible to Save a Closed Piercing?


Luckily, your piercing may be salvageable. If your piercing is now closed and you want to reopen it, visit your piercer again.


Sometimes the skin doesn’t fully close over the hole, so there’s no need to repierce. 

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If the skin does completely close, in that scenario your piercer can advise you on whether you can pierce the area again or need to leave more time for further healing first.


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