What materials are used for jewelry?

What materials are used for jewelry?

If you take a good look at your jewelry box or the place you use to store your jewelry, you will see that you have rings, metal rings, pendants, costume jewelry earrings, and there is always a little bit of everything, right? When choosing a piece of jewelry, you should not only look at the design but also at the materials and their manufacture. That is why, among these factors, the selection of materials and metals for jewelry making is one of the main protagonists in this activity.


Among the options, you can opt for totally different models depending on your taste, style, and personality. Thus, you can combine pieces of different materials or colors with your outfit. Generally speaking, this type of material is used for its resistance, luminosity, or its ease of incorporation and manipulation in the creation of smaller pieces such as pendants or handmade earrings.

But it is true that there are certain materials that are more commonly used in the world of jewelry design. Below, we invite you to learn a little more about the most commonly used materials in the world of jewelry, highlighting their main characteristics.



One of the materials most commonly used for handcrafted jewelry is noble metals, especially gold and silver. These metals do not react or do so in small proportions, when in contact with other chemical compounds. This factor allows them to maintain their properties intact, such as brightness and color, for much longer.

Noble metals are the basis on which rings, bracelets, chains, or earrings are worked. Although they are very resistant, it is important to take care of them over time. These are the most used metals in jewelry:


-Brass jewelry

Brass is one of the most used materials in costume jewelry. They are pieces with a characteristic yellowish/brown color that can be used perfectly for the manufacture of any piece of jewelry. It is a combination of other metals such as copper and zinc, hence its characteristic tone and color. Brass jewelry tries to imitate the appearance of gold but is a much cheaper metal.

In addition, anyone can use these jewels, even those who suffer from allergic reactions, since they do not contain lead, and that allows the color to remain intact.


-Bronze jewelry

In line with the brass pieces, we must also highlight the jewelry created with bronze. It is a material that allows great adaptability and manageability when creating design pieces. It is also a metallic alloy, which allows the creation of jewelry with a characteristic reddish color. One of the main uses of bronze is in jewelry and goldsmithing.


-Silver Jewelry

One of the most common pieces of jewelry is silver jewelry and costume jewelry with sterling silver. We can find silver rings and earrings with different nomenclatures, some of the most typical ones are sterling silver 999, 925, or 800. These numbers are used to indicate the degree of purity of the silver jewelry.

Normally, silver jewelry is mixed with copper, this does not alter the brightness or color of the jewelry as long as the alloy does not exceed 50%. It can also be the case of silver-plated jewelry, in this case, the silver is only in the covering of the jewel.

Sterling silver guarantees durability and a beautiful finish. It is important to remember that sterling silver includes 90% silver and 10% of other metals, such as copper; so you will be acquiring a quality piece but for a much more affordable price. Perfect, isn't it?





-Gold jewelry

One of the most acclaimed jewelry materials par excellence. Depending on the jeweler, it is possible to find gold pieces of different carats (9 carats, 18 carats, 24 carats...). This precious metal is highly valued, hence you can buy solid gold jewelry, the most expensive, or gold-plated jewelry.




Natural Materials

Pieces made with natural materials may not be as delicate and simple as handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. However, they do have a greater meaning and tend to be much more extravagant, eye-catching, and unique, and are always one of the most important attractions in the world of jewelry.

Among the most commonly used natural materials are:


-Jewelry pieces with leather

It is also normal to find jewelry combined with leather. These handcrafted jewels are very comfortable and perfect for everyday wear. Leather jewelry is usually mainly bracelets or necklaces. It is a comfortable and versatile alternative. They are usually very comfortable and perfect for everyday wear. Any person of any age will look good with this style of jewelry.



-Crystal Jewelry

Another alternative that is becoming more and more established in the market and demand for jewelry is crystal jewelry. Above all, very acclaimed jewelry made of Murano glass from Venice. A series of very striking pieces, delicate and with great luminosity. In addition, you can also choose to create your own jewelry with the use of beads, balls, washers, crystals, or precious stones and thus decorate your jewelry box and modify the pieces to your liking.

Swarovski, Zirconia, and Murano are the most popular crystals in handcrafted jewelry.



-Precious stones:

Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or emeralds are a must in handcrafted jewelry, they are considered precious because of their rarity, purity, and economic value.



-Semi-precious stones

They are easier to find, therefore, more common and their economic value is lower. Some of these are aquamarine, agate, amethyst, aventurine, quartz, coral, garnet, jade, turquoise, cat's eye, etc.




-Sea pearls

They are highly valued in the market and considered precious stones. Undoubtedly, organic material is of great value for handcrafted jewelry.


There are artisans who go further and also use wood, bones, fossils, ivory, minerals, etc., for the elaboration of handmade jewelry.

Each of these natural materials has its particular appeal, so when choosing good jewelry, do not only prioritize its appearance, we recommend you also delve into its benefits, as they will be a differentiator in your jewelry garments.

The great amount of materials for handcrafted jewelry makes it very easy to find a piece of jewelry capable of adjusting completely to your personal tastes. However, the most important thing is that you select a product made with really durable and aesthetic materials, according to your preferences.          

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