What Makes Blue Topaz So Special?

What Makes Blue Topaz So Special?

If these gems fascinate you, blue topaz is the way to go!

Blue topaz is currently one of the most popular stones that has a very specific, inky shade of blue. 


This gemstone was previously very rare and has been a symbol of love, peace, joy, and much more.


Physical Properties of Blue Topaz


Topaz is known for its durability and glass-like luster with Mohs hardness rating of 8.


Topaz isn’t soluble in most chemicals, it is brittle and possesses a perfect cleavage. 


It is pleochroic in nature, it displays various colors when viewed from different angles.


They are made using heat treating and irradiating colorless Topaz to produce the assorted shades of blue.


History of Blue Topaz


Topaz is derived from the Greek word topazion, which comes from the ancient Sanskrit word for fire. 


Historically though, Topaz was first discovered on the Island of Topazios in Egypt’s Red Sea. 


Natural blue topaz was discovered in the mid-1980s by the British explorer Max Ostro in Minas Gerais, Brazil.


Spiritual Meaning of Blue Topaz

Often associated with love and loyalty, this particular shade of topaz stones carries significant meaning. 

Blue topaz is representative of eternal friendship and deep, long-lasting love.


If you would like to welcome clarity and strong emotional attachment, invest in this natural topaz gem.


How to Know If the Blue Topaz Is Real?


Determining if a blue topaz is real by performing a scratch test but it may damage the stone in the event that it’s real, so it’s a risk.


Real Blue Topaz stone has a slippery, smooth surface and is cool to the touch. 


When purchasing jewelry featuring Topaz stone you may receive a certificate of authenticity, that will also give you an indication.


In some cases, you may also ask a jeweler to send your stone to a laboratory to determine their authenticity.


Who Can Wear Blue Topaz Jewelry?

Anyone can wear this gem; it is a perfect birthday gift for the November babies out there.

Topaz is the traditional birthstone for November and can be used as an alternative December birthstone.


The beautiful stone is also associated with the 4th wedding anniversary, this makes it a perfect gift for your wife at the 4th anniversary.


Caring for Blue Topaz Jewelry

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight or heat to prevent color from fading.

  • Never use ultrasonic cleaning.

  • Try to use topaz in protective mountings like pendants.

  • Keep away from special jewelry cleaners or buffing wheels. 

  • Always store it away from other gemstones and away from light.


Where to buy Blue Topaz Jewelry?


Are you interested in topaz jewelry in astrology and the benefits it could bring to your life? 


Consider purchasing Blue Topaz Stone Solitaire Snow Earrings for Women for someone you love or as a special piece to treasure for yourself.

This Valentine's season, this blue Topaz earring set is the ideal gift which is a sign of love and faithfulness.

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