What jewelry can you wear for your white New Year's outfit?

What jewelry can you wear for your white New Year's outfit?

With the arrival of the New Year, many people celebrate the end of the year with total white looks. Usually, this was a tradition of massive celebrations, but more and more people use white in their clothes to say goodbye to the year at home with family and friends. So you do not fail in your outfit, in Planderful we tell you what jewelry to wear to combine with your white clothes in the New Year.



Where does the custom of wearing white come from?

White is a symbol of purity and rebirth. Because it is an achromatic tone, that is, it has a light composed of the sum of all colors, it is said to attract new energies. That is why it is often used in the wardrobe to start the new year with renewed and positive energy.

Many also attribute the origin of the ritual of dressing in white to welcome the new year to a tradition in Brazil. Every year the Reveillon festival is celebrated in Copacabana, where thousands of people in white gather on the beach to leave offerings of flowers and food to the goddess Iemanjá, protector of sailors and mother of fish, who also "protects the home and fertility". The ceremony takes place amidst a fireworks show, accompanied by the sound of drums with rhythms from Africa.


Type of dress

First of all, it is important to take into account what type of garment we are talking about since the complements will vary according to the style of the dress and the occasion on which we are going to use it. Thus, it will not be the same to choose accessories for a white beach dress as for a dress for the confirmation of a teenage girl, since the length of the dress, the cut, the neckline, the fabric, etc. will influence the choice of accessories.

You can read our guide on the jewelry you should wear according to your neckline: How to choose the perfect necklace according to your neckline type


Silver or golden jewelry with a white dress?

The general rule of thumb when choosing jewelry to wear with your white dress is to wear golden accessories because as much as you love silver jewelry, silver doesn't look good with white clothes.

After all, silver gets lost in your white outfit. However, keep in mind that you can match your outfit with your jewelry if you're wearing a metallic-colored suit. And if you're daring, you can mix metals.

However, there are some exceptions to the rule recommended above, which means that in some cases you could wear silver jewelry with a white dress. For example, if your dress has metallic detailing or other embellishments, you might want to wear pieces that match the metallic finish. However, if it's a plain white dress, the sky is your limit, and you can stack different pieces of golden and silver jewelry.

Pay attention to your skin tone as well, although, for most people, golden is an easier color to complement and wear easily when wearing a white dress.


Pros and cons of wearing silver with a white dress


  • It's not the typical color combination or recommendation when wearing a white dress, but the two do work sometimes. What tends to happen is that white and gray are shades rather than colors, and they work well with white.
  • It's easy to wear the look when you opt for big accessories and eye-catching jewelry choices.
  • It exudes an air of elegance and sophistication.
  • It is elegant


  • Not the easiest combination to wear
  • Doesn't always look good on all skin tones
  • Silver jewelry is affordable





Pros and cons of wearing golden with a white dress


  • Elegant and eye-catching look
  • Elegant and easy to wear
  • Works well with almost any person and skin tone
  • Gold is timeless and compliments almost any white dress
  • You can wear small or large golden pieces, depending on the design and details of the dress
  • It is easy to combine golden with silver


  • It's easy to go overboard with golden, and you have to be careful with styling to make sure the golden pieces add just the right touch to your body and your white dress without looking overwhelming.
  • Genuine solid golden jewelry is expensive.





Tips for wearing golden or silver jewelry with a white dress

-Add as much sparkle as will make your dress look good.


-If you're not sure, choose golden.

-Mix golden and silver


-Pay attention to your skin tones. If you have a warm skin tone, you should use yellow, rust, and olive green tones. But for cooler skin tones, silver will enhance your main features better than golden. Keep in mind that golden tones bring out the redness in your face if your skin tone is cool, and the opposite: silver fades people with a warmer skin tone, and can end up making you look tired. Don't forget to consider your eye and hair color before you put on jewelry.



Go for color

White also goes very well with strong colors. However, be careful that they don't overshadow your outfit. Our advice is to combine colors like reds, blues, pinks, and lilacs. These colors in jewelry are the ones that harmonize best with white metals such as silver, white golden, or platinum.




Finally, play with the size of the jewelry

A white dress goes with everything. That's why all the accessories should add color. You can use golden or silver jewelry or jewelry that also has bright colors, but we advise you that these jewels have an eye-catching size. This way, your look will stand out and will be sophisticated. Just remember the rule of not combining more than three colors.


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