What is an engagement ring?

What is an engagement ring?

1.0 What is an engagement ring

An engagement ring is a ring that a man gives his girlfriend to confirm his intention to get married.

An engagement ring is not necessary to prove the validity of an engagement. Some people think that an engagement ring is just as essential as a wedding ring, but that's not the case. A wedding ring is necessary for a wedding, and an engagement ring is just a clear proof that both parties plan to marry.


2.0 The origin of engagement and wedding rings

A saying is that the first person in the world to use a ring as a token of engagement was the Austrian King Messmine. In 1477, Mesmine met a princess named Mary in a public event. Her beauty and graceful demeanor fascinated Mesmine. Although Messmine knew that Mary had already promised to marry a French crown prince, in order to win her love, Messmine decided to try his luck. He ordered someone to create a precious diamond ring specially for Mary. Facing the meticulously carved, sparkling diamond ring and Messmine's passionate pursuit, Mary finally changed her mind and was happily married to Messmine. Since then, it has become a tradition for Westerners to use a diamond ring as a token of engagement.


3.0 How to choose engagement and wedding rings

Don't focus on style over durability when choosing a wedding ring. Diamonds, Lab Growth Diamond and Flawless Moissanite are the most popular choice due to their immutable and lasting meaning in wedding rings. The gold mixed and pure platinum rings are suitable choice because of its strong material and long-term use without discoloration. Add some diamonds, Lab Growth Diamond and Flawless Moissanite and gems to the design. In addition to ready-made finished products, Planderful can also create your own or designed by designers.


4.0 Meaning of Different Stone

4.1 Diamond/ Lab Grown Diamond / Moissanite

The Greek word ademas means unconquerable. It is the hardest of all kinds of gemstones. The ancient Romans always believed that it represented life and eternity, and in the fifteenth century it was recognized as a symbol of unswerving marriage. It represents a declaration of love. If it is set with three diamonds, it represents I LOVE YOU; and five diamonds represent WILL YOU BE MY WIFE?

And the shape of the diamond also represents the character of each lady:

Round shape: graceful,

Pear shape: liveliness

Square: caution

Heart shape: rich imagination

Oval: independence

Egg-shaped: strong professionalism

4.2 Ruby

Ruby is regarded as the stone of love, and is said to make love a thousand miles away and happiness.

4.3 Sapphire

Sapphire does not mean blue stone, it includes corundum crystals of green, gold, purple, etc. Therefore, in the past there were green sapphires, yellow sapphires, and purple sapphires. Sapphire is the gemstone representing autumn, it can make people away from evil, anger, and it is also the stone representing the human heart. In the twelfth century, sapphire became the gem of the church god. 

4.4 Emerald

It is a transliteration of the Persian Zumurud. As far back as 6,000 years ago, the Babylonians dedicated it to the goddess Venus. It is a symbol of loyalty and wealth.


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