What gemstone are you according to your birth month?

What gemstone are you according to your birth month?

Since ancient times, Esotericism and gems have been united and have been used both for beautification and for healing and protection purposes. Precious and semiprecious stones in Esotericism are synonymous with energy, well-being, healing, power, and balance. Stones and crystals emit beneficial energies and vibrations, which we can use for the benefit of our mental and spiritual health.

Our ancestors have been using precious and semi-precious stones for therapeutic purposes and today Aesthetic Centers, Spas, and Wellness Centers use them. In the Ayurvedic medicine of India, Incas, or Egyptians, people use stones to synchronize the chakras and the aura, to balance their organisms, and to heal. In fact, each stone has different esoteric properties and energies, which can be used for different purposes.


How do gems influence your personality?

Gems can have a fundamental role in your everyday life since wearing some of them you will feel much better. For many years these stones have been used as a symbol of power, exclusivity, and ornamentation. Another of its uses is for all the benefits and properties that these gems have. That is why they influence our personality so much.

For example, the aquamarine stone is known to be a good luck charm. If you are a person with a lot of stress this stone will be perfect for you. It is ideal for eliminating stress and anxiety in your day to day life and will help you enjoy a fuller life.

If you are a person looking for tranquility and love, pink tourmaline is perfect for you. This gemstone is closely related to love and couples and helps to balance emotions and feelings to enjoy healthier relationships. Having this semi-precious stone will transmit you a lot of tranquility and confidence.

If you have many insecurities and fears, the Labradorite gemstone will help a lot to combat them. As it is a stone with esoteric properties, it will help you feel more self-confident. It is also a perfect mineral to balance your mind.


What semi-precious stone are you according to your birth month?

Another reason why we carry semi precious stones with us, apart from their meaning, is because each month of the year belongs to a gemstone. There is a correspondence between the Astrological Signs or Horoscopes and the precious or semi-precious stones. Knowing this, everyone can use their stone to enhance their personality or other stones to strengthen the traits they need or the healing effects according to their needs.

That is why many times a person is given a semi-precious stone according to their month of birth. Do you want to know which stone is for you according to the month in which you were born?


The gemstone of this month is the Garnet. It is known as the blood of the earth, one of the energetic stones with the greatest amount of power. It is an excellent protector of negative energies and is able to protect you from them. It will also help to eliminate stress and anxiety. Garnet stone solitaire drop necklace is perfect for you.




The special gemstone for the month of February is Amethyst. Among its main properties, it induces peace and serenity of mind bringing calm and clarity. It also creates in many people a connection with their inner self and helps them not to be influenced by others.



The month of March is given the Aquamarine stone. It is the quintessential stone of good luck, as it helps you enjoy a fuller life, happier and with greater well-being. It is also perfect for eliminating stress and anxiety from your daily life.




The gemstone of the month for April is the Rock Crystal. This stone is famous for enhancing imagination, intuition, and clairvoyance. It is also said to confer social prestige. Another of its healing properties is that it helps counteract energy loss.




The stone for May is Chrysoprase, the semi-precious stone of victory. It facilitates mental expression and agility, learning, and personal growth. It provides balance and harmony. Its healing value is to prevent depression and soothe the emotions.



The gemstone of the month of June is the Moonstone. It owes its name to its whitish blue glow, similar to that of the moon. It is able to capture all the properties of the Moon, as it is totally related to it. It is also closely linked to the entire female reproductive system. If you find it difficult to find calm, the moonstone is perfect to help serenade the bad moments.



The gemstone for the month of July is the Ruby. It is the gemstone of desire, passion, courage, and bravery. It protects from dangers and attracts beauty and elegance.




For the month of August, the gemstone is Peridot. It is known as the Stone of the Sun. It favors unforeseen love and sweet feelings. It also brings strength and happiness, both individually and in a relationship.



The gemstone for the month of September is Sapphire. It is associated with the values of faith, truth, sincerity, wisdom, and commitment.




The gemstone of the month of October is the Opal. It is the stone of hope, purity, and truth. It gives joy to the heart and protects it from harmful people.




Citrine is the gemstone of the month of November. It relieves stress and promotes clarity, inspiration, and mental strength. It is said that this particular stone is one of the best for the success of the owner.



For the last month of the year, the gemstone is Lapis Lazuli. It promises peace and harmony in relationships, helping to express feelings and emotions. It is also the stone of wisdom and truth.


We hope we have helped you to know which semi-precious stones go best with your personality and which is your stone according to your birth month. If you want more information about the meaning of semi precious stones, don't miss this post. Tell us what is your stone in the comments! We will be reading them!


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