What do rings mean according to the finger where it is worn?

What do rings mean according to the finger where it is worn?

Have you ever stopped to think, what is the meaning of rings according to the finger where it is worn? Rings are one of the most important accessories to complete your outfit.

Have you ever heard that hands are one of the first things people notice when they meet you? Well, they are. With your body language, your hands can show a lot about you. It is really essential that your hands look as best as they can to deliver your best version

The way we wear this accessory and, above all, the finger where we place our ring, can have very different meanings, so it is really important to take care of these details.


On which fingers should we wear our rings?

Believe it or not, hands are a key element in body language. In addition, they can be the most essential piece of jewelry. Wearing a ring is always a good option and even if you have a favorite ring, surely you have forgotten to wear it on occasion and have felt that feeling that something was missing.

Trends also influence us when we wear our rings. Without realizing it, there are trends that gradually become established and we adapt them to us. For example, wearing a signet ring on the little finger, wearing rings on different heights of the fingers, or filling your fingers with rings with the boom of minimalist jewelry, because it is becoming more and more fashionable to wear the whole hand full of rings.

Whether on the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, or little finger, no finger should be left undecorated! And nowadays there is a wide variety of rings, which you can choose and give free rein to your creativity and express it with your jewelry.

Trends apart, have you ever wondered what is the meaning of wearing a ring on one finger or another, because we anticipate that it is not the same to wear a ring on the little finger as wearing it on the middle finger. 

So let's tell you the different meanings of wearing rings on each finger. 


Rings on the thumb or big finger

There are different meanings for the same finger. The thumb, for example, in relation to the family, is the representation of the parents. On the other hand, in ancient China, wearing a ring on this finger was a symbol of belonging to a military rank.

It will also mean different things depending on the hand where it is placed. If you use a ring on the thumb of your right hand, it suggests that you might be an introverted person. But, if you wear a ring on your left hand it means you are a passionate person.



Rings on the index finger

The index finger usually represents friendship and siblings. Wearing a ring on the index finger of the right hand indicates that you are a powerful woman, with great self-esteem but not very dominant.

If you wear it on the index finger of your left hand, it means that you like to be followed and lead the group. So, if you are a born leader, you know where to wear your ring.



Rings on the middle finger

The middle finger is you. The middle finger is the finger that is in the middle of our hand so it represents balance. It refers to a personality that seeks emotional balance as well as a balanced mood.

If you wear the ring on the middle finger of your right hand, it means that you do not know how to differentiate between good and evil. If you wear it on the middle finger of your left hand, it means that you usually need the people around you to make some decisions for you.



Rings on the Annular Finger

This is the finger on which it is most traditional to wear a ring. In some cultures, this is the finger where the engagement ring is placed.  The ring finger represents your family.

If you choose to put a ring on the ring finger of your right hand, it means that you are a perfectionist and able to bring out the good in others, as well as being a person who wants to make the most of your creativity. It is also the hand where you wear your engagement ring.

If, on the other hand, you wear it on the ring finger of your left hand, you will probably be a very creative person with a lot of ingenuity when it comes to facing challenges and solving problems.



Rings on the little finger

The rings on the little finger are one of those old fashions in which it was very common to see both men and women and has returned as one of the key trends in this 2021. This finger also represents the children.

People who usually wear a ring on this little finger of the right hand are usually people with great sensitivity.

On the other hand, if you wear it on the little finger of the left hand, it means that you have great patience and the ability to listen and communicate with others.



Rings on the phalanx

Midi rings are worn on the phalanx of the fingers. These rings, smaller than the conventional ones, are the latest trend. Midis may seem, at first glance, somewhat uncomfortable to wear, but nothing could be further from the truth since there is a large number of models to suit all tastes.

They give a very neat look and fit very well. What you should be very clear when buying a midi ring is the size of your fingers, counting some size less than usual.

Midis give you a unique touch of distinction. You can try them and the attention will be immediately on your hands.



What do you think about all these meanings of rings on the fingers, did you know them? Discover all our rings on our website!



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