What are the best jewels for New Year’s Eve looks

What are the best jewels for New Year’s Eve looks

The New Year's Eve celebration is one of the most special nights of the year. For many it is a new beginning, where everyone wants to say goodbye in style and dazzle to ensure a year full of happiness. On this important day, be sure to take with you the perfect complement to your look, a collection of jewelry that represents you and your future plans. That's why, from Planderful we will give you a guide of essential jewelry to say goodbye to this 2022 and receive the New Year in a dazzling way. How? With heart-stopping jewelry.


Moissanite earrings

Moissanite earrings are an infallible choice for the New Year. The sparkle of this gemstone will light up your face and add elegance to any look. Moissanite is often used in jewelry as an alternative to diamonds. This gemstone is highly sought after by jewelers and consumers. Moissanite is often used in jewelry as an alternative to diamond because of its hardness. At 9.5 on the Mohs scale, Moissanite scores higher than any other gemstone besides diamond.

Elevate your outfit this year with the different Moissanite earrings options we have for you at Planderful.



Long earrings

This year we want you to go for long earrings. We know you don't always dare to wear them, and what better occasion than this? Long earrings stylize the face, lengthen it and emphasize the expressions. We believe that the designs we have chosen will enhance your look, add elegance and class.




XXL bracelets

Sometimes we don't give too much importance to our wrists, ignoring them and leaving them bare. We must change that perception immediately. New Year's Eve is a good option to start. We propose you to risk in their right measure with them. An XXL bracelet is characterized by its harmonious architecture. They are discreet but visible, modern but elegant. We encourage you not only to wear one, but to wear one on each wrist and give everyone a lesson in sophistication and modernity.




Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings are always a good choice, and even more so if we are at the gates of the New Year. The best thing about these pieces is that you don’t have to choose just one, you can go for a couple or three, as long as they don’t clash with the rest of the chosen jewelry. Although we recommend that if they are large, colorful and dazzling rings, it is better to choose one and wear it as it deserves.

From Planderful we have selected a couple of pieces that we believe fit perfectly with a sober, stylish and sophisticated look.



Colors to welcome the New Year


Yellow is the most popular color of the New Year, since in addition to being used in underwear, most resort to any garment of this tone, as it attracts abundance. The earrings of this color will stand out perfectly if you wear white clothes, a trend around the world to say goodbye to the year and receive it with good energy and fortune.




Green is part of the trends of the new season. This color calls for progress and stability, although it is also related to money.




Red will attract love and passion. If you wear this color to welcome the New Year you will look very sensual and elegant at the same time, and you will not go unnoticed.




Golden is synonymous with success, money and happiness. This color is also one of the favorites for the season, because besides making you look spectacular, it will make you triumph.




Silver will attract success in your work and love life. Not only that, but you will be the best dressed to welcome the New Year, as fashion specialists say it will be the reign of metallic colors.



-Pantone 2022

Pantone 2022, "Very Peri" or purple tones are associated with spiritual growth, being the most trending color of the season, making those who wear it look daring and intriguing.



Finally, here are some tips to style your jewelry in the New Year

  1. Keep in mind the occasion: If you opt for an elegant style like a dress, incorporate jewelry that has sparkling stones in different geometric shapes, that will add a chic touch and complement your look very well.

For a more relaxed outfit, choose an open bracelet as a single impact piece or add a pair for a more eye-catching style. Play with the proportions of charms by choosing ones with varying sizes of stones for a wow factor in your accessories.


  1. Accessorize according to your makeup and hairstyle: If you wear your hair up, pair it with long earrings and you will get the most out of your neck. On the other hand, if you are wearing sparkling jewelry, don't steal the limelight and wear natural makeup.


  1. Decorate your hands: Rings give elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe; with just one piece of jewelry you can give a twist to your outfit. We recommend avoiding large rings if you have a multicolored manicure and vice versa.


  1. Pay attention to the shape of your face: If you have a round face, you should choose to wear necklaces or long earrings to look more stylized. On the other hand, for those who have a square face, curved jewelry will favor them. Finally, oval faces are versatile with any style of jewelry, so dare to play with them.

We leave you an article with more information: Earrings and Face Shapes


  1. Dare to combine: Do not be afraid to combine gold and silver, either through multiple necklaces with gold and silver chains, or composition of rings with some of them in gold and others in silver, or that have both metals in their design.

For more tips: Learn how to combine golden and silver in jewelry at the same time



It's up to you to make this night a unique evening and start the year in the best possible way with jewelry that will take everyone's breath away. We would like to take this post to thank you for choosing our jewelry. We are hopeful that 2023 will be even better and that we will continue to strive day by day to achieve our goals.


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