What Are Cuff Bracelets And How To Wear Them?

What Are Cuff Bracelets And How To Wear Them?

Accessories are a way to decorate your outfits and make them unique, exciting and stylish.


Bracelets have been in trend for centuries from their primitive versions made of grass to their modern varieties.


The jewelry looks great, even if you are wearing something super simple like the cuff bracelets.


Bracelets have come a long way and continue to be one of the trendiest jewels while cuff bracelets are one of the most popular types of jewelry.


What's A Cuff Bracelet?


A cuff bracelet is different from other bracelets; it doesn't wrap completely around the wrist with a clasp or other type of closure.


Cuff bracelets have a gap or open area that's meant to rest on the inside of the wrist. 


It can be of any width, from narrow to thick, and they can also be made from any kind of metal. 


History of Cuff Bracelets


Cuff bracelets have a rather controversial origin; it is said that they were worn by slaves which indicated them being owned by their slave masters in the 16th Century.


They were also worn as a symbol of love and commitment between two people just like how a ring is worn these days.


In today's time cuff bracelets are now embraced as an accessory purely for fashion.


How To Wear Cuff Bracelets?


You simply need to slide the open area of the bracelet over the most narrow part of your wrist to wear a cuff bracelet.

For those who love simplicity in their jewelry, this Forbidden City Gate Enamel with Pearl Bracelet for Women is for you.

How To Style Your Cuff Bracelets


Styling your bracelets, the right way will no longer be a puzzle for you, our bracelet wearing guide will help you style your bracelets and ace the fashion game. 


When paired with a black color and leather skirt, cuff bracelets make a perfect combination, while still looking very chic and fashionable.


Cuff bracelets are ideal for decorating your casual outfits while giving them a perfect polished look. Pair it with your favorite long white dress.

Stacking your cuff bracelets with other bracelets such as Yellow Zircon (2.0CT) Stone Solitaire Bracelet for Women could be just enough to top off your casual look.

Minimalist inspired cuff bracelets with simple and clean designs are perfect for your everyday outfits as they can instantly transform them into a very modern and stylish look.


They are very suitable with chunky sweaters and a pair of skinny jeans, also make sure to add some minimalist rings to complete your modern look.

Throw on your trendy sweater and combine different kinds of bracelets such as Silver Flower Bracelet -Silver Bracelet for Women to recreate this fashionable and simple look.

We hope you found yourself in one of these styles getting some inspiration and hopefully you have learned new ways on how to style your favorite cuff bracelets!


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