Wear your free spirit with this bird jewelry

Wear your free spirit with this bird jewelry

Since ancient ages, birds have had a very special symbolism. There are some cultures that consider them spiritual messengers because of their capability to be close to heaven and earth. But also, birds are a symbol of freedom. These birds have different meanings, that's why we recommend you to wear bird jewelry. Show your free spirit with this jewelry.


The Spiritual Meaning of Birds

In Native American and shamanic civilizations, birds exist as sacred messengers of hope, mutation, and blessings. Birds, from this spiritual perspective, can bring warnings, and even guidance on a personal level.

Listening to birds makes us feel more relaxed and in a better mood, as it connects us with nature. This is related to peace and freedom. There are those who believe that through their singing, birds can convey a meaning related to angels.

Sometimes it happens that in the least expected places, a bird appears and they approach. There are those who believe that birds, in this sense, bring messages from our spiritual guides who accompany and show the way. Wearing a piece of bird jewelry makes us feel spiritually protected.

If you stop to look at the birds or suddenly a flock of birds appears in front of you crossing the sky, the universe may be sending you a source of motivation to drive you to reach your objectives.



Symbolism of freedom

Everyone has an animal with which they feel the greatest affinity, even if they can't quite explain why. Some people feel this with birds, which connect them with freedom. Their plumage, their colors, and their flight are a source of inspiration.

Contemplating birds takes us out of our self-absorption, gives wings to our hearts, and brings a breath of fresh air into our lives. Birds move us with their delicate presence or their joyful song.

Birds embody the bond that unites earth and sky. They show us that it is possible to reconcile the demands of material life with the yearning to fly, to access the dream, and to soar to a point from where we can serenely observe our place in the world.


Travel without borders

The greatness of birds is that they have colonized the sky, the ethereal medium of ideas, the realm of the soul, and feelings. Their mastery of flight and their migrations dwarf us. The Arctic Tern travels every year from the Arctic Ocean to the Antarctic, from one pole of the planet to the other.

In its lifetime, this modest bird will have covered the equivalent of three round trips to the moon. Such feats make us appreciate our personal or collective achievements in a different way. But you don't have to go far to marvel at birds.

Sitting in a park, one can observe the flight of a flock of starlings. Do they possess a collective spirit that allows them to move as a single being? Do they have some acute instinct or telepathic power? Their rhythmic flight is capable of leaving us pensive with an open question mark, in a receptive attitude.

There are many mysteries in the life of birds, and in many cases, their observation can help us in our personal search.


The bird is a symbol of protection

An amazing thing for mammals like us, committed to raising our offspring, is the excessive love and care that many birds profess for their young. In many cases, the annual effort includes the building of a new nest, the ongoing transmission of warmth and protection by hatching eggs, nutrition over a long period, and even lessons in flying and hunting. It is a spectacle that has always been before our eyes.

Giving a bird jewel to a friend or family member means that you love and protect it.



Other bird symbolisms

Until recently the how and why of bird migrations, of what their presence and behavior might mean, was unknown. Both Homer and Ovid make extensive use of birds as symbols. In ancient Rome, the augurs watched the birds (hence the word auspice: auspex is "the one who watches the birds") and interpreted the celestial signals they could transmit.

The bird is the symbol of the soul for many civilizations throughout history. The soul flies in search of spiritual ecstasy, in search of the divine, from St. John of the Cross in Castilian mystical literature to the Persian symbolism of Farid al Din Attar in his well-known work The Language of the Birds.

Birds are also a symbol of wisdom. Like them, perhaps we can ascend to a level where we can transcend the mundane and obtain an ineffable vision of our existence, for example, through the flight of relaxation or meditation. Birdsong is able to bring us calm and peace.

At the same time, bird watching, even if it is for mere pleasure, often involves memorizing and learning new facts, such as the names and habits of birds, their shapes, colors, songs, and habits. This constitutes a great exercise for the mind, and can even become a very beneficial game and pastime, especially for older people.


Meetings and farewells

A jewel with birds is one of the best gifts to re-encounter a person or to say goodbye. You can wish good luck to a great friend on a trip with this jewelry. Birds not only symbolize freedom but also, this gift is a way to show your love.

Also, you can use this jewelry as a good luck charm.


Take a piece of bird jewelry with you

These are some of the teachings given to us by birds, the old messengers, who serve as a bridge between the earthly and the heavenly. Their exquisitely beautiful plumage, enigmatic songs, and rhythmic fluttering invite us to raise our eyes to the sky and gain perspective through slow observation and attention. Their presence can go unnoticed or help us, almost unknowingly, to cultivate well-being and calm.

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