Ultimate guide to gothic jewelry

Ultimate guide to gothic jewelry

At Planderful we don't like stereotypes or conventional jewelry and we are always looking for unique pieces that are out of the usual patterns. That's why this week we bring you some of our gothic jewelry. Which one do you choose?



What is the gothic style?

The artistic style known as Gothic emerged in northern France in the 13th century, at the end of the Middle Ages. Its appearance was influenced by the creation of the first institutions, the crusades, and the formation of urban communes. The features of this trend appeared in architecture, and then in sculpture, painting, and other art forms. Buildings with tall columns, high vaulted ceilings, and pointed arches were constructed in the Gothic style. In general, Gothic has something elegant, darkly romantic, and mystical about it.

Later, the Gothic style became popular in Italy in the 15th century and the rest of Europe in the 16th century; although it developed at different chronological moments according to the different regions or countries. In France, the city of Paris and the region of Provence stand out categorically. On the other hand,  Italy was characterized for being more traditional and classic, although, paradoxically, the emblematic Cathedral of Milan, which represents one of the largest Catholic churches in the world, is located in the north.

In Gothic architecture, the tall and stylized cathedrals and monasteries stand out, which allowed the entrance of light with great majesty, to "a free man from the dark darkness". These beliefs came from the Neoplatonic philosophical currents, the concept of God and the realm of light. Another characteristic of these structures was the predominance of the Latin cross, this element became an icon of Latin Christianity and was used in the head of the churches and they were oriented towards the east. Most of these architectural works were created over the course of the centuries, due to the complexity of constructing these works.

This art germinates at the same time that the cities arise, where the bourgeoisie, the universities, new religious orders, and at the same time the popular revolts, the heresy, and the scholastic crisis were accentuated, ending with the black plague and the war of the 100 years, without a doubt all these facts represented a great transformation for the humanity.



Gothic in fashion

Gothic style became popular again at different times. In the 18th century, people were attracted to Gothic arts and medieval motifs. This influenced clothing. Dramatic and sumptuous dresses with a lush skirt were in fashion. Even today, many women of the Gothic movement like to wear such striking dresses.

Gothic is still a fashionable style and complements the images of many people. Only now the historical and modern meaning of this concept has a completely different meaning. If earlier Gothic was associated with architecture, the Catholic faith, now it is associated more with nostalgia and rebellion against the stereotypes of society. This style has a somber aspect.


What is considered gothic jewelry?

Gothic jewelry is characterized by capturing the symbols and images of earlier historical cultures, hence why elements such as crosses, swords and even skulls are common in making these pieces. Gothic is appealing to many people, almost mystical and introspective. Gothic jewelry is mostly very extravagant, elegant or romantic.

The type of jewelry that prevails in this peculiar style is silver jewelry in which they are always looking for new designs and unique pieces, willing to innovate. It is a line of jewelry that is far from the ordinary, in which you can find from bracelets to rings, pendants or earrings.

In addition to silver, gold jewelry and / or ornaments with semiprecious stones, in particular garnets, rubies, agates, onyx, etc. are also common. This results in a combination of something gloomy and at the same time luxurious. In gothic jewelry, the symbolism of stones and gems is not very important. The only thing that matters is how these stones will look when framed by metal. Therefore, the gems are usually in bright but cool colors, such as green, violet and blue.

However, the color palette in gothic jewelry also consists of yellow, red and purple. Red, although a warm tone, is one of the most popular colors because it resembles blood, and this is important given the close connections between Gothic and vampirism.

Despite the gloomy appearance, these jewels are combined with a romantic style, but on the condition that there is a limited number of details. There are particularly beautiful gothic jewelry that you can wear in the evening and during the day, for example, jewelry with flowers, which are suitable for every occasion.

There are also gothic jewelry adorned with pearls. Such a choice can be explained by the fact that Gothic originated in the Middle Ages, when women wore elaborate and sophisticated necklaces and tiaras, often inlaid with pearls. Some of the Gothic styles, such as Old Gothic or Romanesque Gothic, lean toward this romantic, feminine side of Gothic. In fact, Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula" has been a major influence on the gothic style, as it combines medieval with romance and horror.

For some occasions it is recommended to wear special gothic jewelry. With high quality gothic jewelry, you can also enhance your outfit. So, if you like a bold and daring style, adding gothic features to your image will be a good decision. But, if you want to wear such jewelry in combination with your everyday style, it is desirable that the amount of details should be limited. This is how you can add excitement to your outfit and at the same time look restrained and elegant.



Can gothic jewelry become a new trend?

Gothic jewelry is beautiful and inspiring with its dark aesthetic and unique shapes, and is often unisex. Although gothic style is not for everyone, the combination between gothic style and fine jewelry is becoming more and more common. If you like the style, then you can wear it combined with your usual way of dressing.

Gothic jewelry is really special. The main reason is the complexity of its design, just like the architectural constructions of the time. Dare to try gothic jewelry and take a trip back in time.

In short, gothic jewelry shows us pieces out of the ordinary, in which symbols take on great importance and create unique jewelry. Discover these jewels and many more on the Planderful website.

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