Ultimate Guide Jewelry for Teens

Ultimate Guide Jewelry for Teens

As with fashion, when it comes to jewelry for teens it's not how they wear it or how often they wear it, but how they choose to wear it. Jewelry is very popular among the youth and jewelry for young girls should be trendy.

For a teen, appearance is the most important thing. As young girls go through puberty, trying to find their identity, they become more aware and sensitive to what others say about them. Teens also develop a keen interest in jewelry. They use them to express themselves and adapt to them by keeping up with current trends. These trends are set by influencers, actresses, or singers and they show them on their social media.

In Planderful we have decided to make a compilation of jewelry for teens. So, if you are thinking about giving the perfect gift to a special girl, jewelry is always the safest option.


What kinds of jewelry do teens like the most?

Over time, jewelry has developed tremendously. So with each passing generation, there is a different sense of taste when it comes to what jewelry teenagers like. Today's pieces are more daring, although some timeless pieces have managed to stay on top over the years.

First, we'll look at some universal types of jewelry that drive young girls crazy, before we get into the details. So get comfy and get ready, because we're getting started:


Initial or zodiac sign jewelry

Personalized jewelry doesn't fail. This is a key for teens in their quest for identification and a sense of belonging. A classic option is a necklace with the initial of the name, or rather, with the sign of the zodiac. This type of jewelry is a favorite of young girls because of their interest in their horoscopes and birth signs.

For this generation, young girls weigh the value of jewelry for the meaning and thought behind it. In addition, jewelry is a channel of expression for them. That's why personalized jewelry is so popular among them.




Pearl Jewelry

Among the classic types of jewelry that have managed to retain the hearts of teens over the years is pearl jewelry. Classy and sophisticated girls especially adore them for the touch of elegance they add to their personalities. However, nowadays, pearl jewelry is not limited to snobby girls with their pink cardigans and classic white pearl necklace.

Pearl designs have evolved to incorporate other materials such as metal. There is now a design for every girl, from drama queens to the casual type.



Rose gold jewelry

For girls, rose gold jewelry is a big hit. These girls love them for their pink hue and the fact that they are a fresh and interesting change from yellow gold. Another beauty of rose gold is that it is not too harsh, but warm and easily complements many skin tones, especially lighter ones.

In addition, rose gold is the perfect setting for rose quartz and other gemstones with pink hues, although they also pair well with clear and sparkling diamonds. You can get rose gold jewelry in different designs, from necklaces to earrings, but most young girls seem to prefer rose gold rings.



Fruit, food, or animal based jewelry

These are other types of fun and playful jewelry that are becoming more and more popular among girls. Not only are they colorful, but they are also out-of-the-ordinary statement pieces. This ticks all the boxes, as young people today would rather stand out than conform.

It's more about individuality, and the wide variety of jewelry designs based on fruit, food, animals, or mythological beings such as unicorns are a great way to express this.





They are a classic and have been a long-time favorite; they have been in fashion since the 90s. At one time, chockers were mostly black, leather or lace and were mainly associated with goths and emos.

Today there are a variety of chocker designs for different types of girls. You have the colorful beaded chokers for the bohos, the pearl and diamond chokers for the classy girls, etc.



Charms bracelets

This is another must-have piece in a young girl's jewelry box. They love this type of bracelet especially because each charm has a particular meaning or represents something special to them.

They are also flirty and pretty. The pendants can vary, from animals to letters, miniature buildings, fruits, birthstones, etc.



Uneven earrings

This is a fairly recent trend that more and more teens are embracing. It makes a statement and moves away from the norm. For the sake of originality and non-conformism, you will find that most young girls are signing up for this trend.



Ear Clips

This type of earring doesn't need a hole in the ear to wear, thanks to its unique design that allows it to be easily held and adjusted to the ear by just pressing the earring itself a little. Their origin goes back to ancient civilizations such as India or Egypt, although they came back into fashion in the 90's when they were recovered by Punk aesthetics.

In recent years it has been reinvented and has become a Must Have to give a different touch to any look, either for a festive outfit or for the day-to-day as they are very comfortable to wear. You can find all kinds of designs.



Many rings

Wearing rings on different fingers is a trend that will never go out of fashion for them. Teenage girls wear them with pride. There are infinite models, materials, and colors. Knowing that they have many options, teenage girls choose numerous alternatives.



Colored stones

Wearing jewelry with colorful gemstones is all the rage these days. It is not only because of the beauty of the gems but because of the concept of being different. Gems attract powerful attention among the youth; they are fresh styles, which can be worn in various patterns and colors together. Gem accessories are authentic, very personal jewelry that pays tribute to young people.



Jewelry is the best gift idea for a teen girl, whatever the occasion, be it her birthday or graduation. When choosing jewelry, remember that it should be comfortable and fashionable. Think about what she likes to wear and her personality and find a piece that complements her. We hope this article has given you some inspiration.

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