Tricks for putting on a bracelet without help

Tricks for putting on a bracelet without help

We have more and more tricks at our fingertips that make our lives much easier. Whether in the world of beauty or fashion, we have the right techniques to take care of ourselves as we should. From removing mascara to the best way to make a voluminous ponytail like the big celebrities.

With the arrival of winter, new trendy jewelry arrives in the most fashionable colors. The best part is they will serve us to combine perfectly with all our fashion looks of these months.

The truth is that with the first changes in temperature, and with it the changes in the landscape we see everyday, our mood changes and we start thinking about new clothes and accessories with which to cause a sensation. Precisely for this reason, in Planderful we want to help you put all the jewelry you want as quickly and easily as possible.


The importance of bracelets in our looks

Bracelets are one of the most used accessories, whether they are made of fabric, colored beads or gold and silver. The latter are specifically the most difficult to put on. We almost always need someone to help us put them on because it is difficult to be precise with only one hand. In addition, often the clasp is also a bit complicated and the bracelet falls off when we join the two ends to fasten them.

While all the accessories mentioned above are essential for our daily looks, bracelets become the ideal every day. Bracelets are a type of jewelry that helps to highlight and stylize the wrists. Undoubtedly, with the ideal accessories for every moment, the objective "to make an impact" will be achieved. It is a complement that can be worn both day and night, for a party or to go to work. This is because its composition and shape adapt to any type of look.

The use of accessories, in the particular case of bracelets they travel through time as a tradition, we know that trends come and go, but the jewelry represent and are part of history. Since ancient times, we have adorned our wrists, fingers, necks, ears, ankles and more.  Therefore jewelry is part of our identity, it is part of us.

What was once worn by women as a symbol of wealth and power, is now worn daily as a symbol of style and fashion taste. Bracelets are laws of attraction that we wear, they are one of the accessories that highlight women today, their femininity and charm.

Bracelets are definitely the protagonists of any look. For this reason, in Planderful we want to give you the best tips so you can wear your bracelets without anyone's help, and avoid breaking them.


Has putting on a bracelet caused you an inconvenience?

Surely more than once when putting on your jewelry you have found yourself alone and you have not been able to fasten your bracelets with one hand no matter how hard you have tried. And the fact is that no matter how skillful you are, fastening link bracelets, articulated bracelets with carabiner clasp or round clasp, is a tedious and stressful task.

Many times and due to the hectic pace of everyday life, we leave our bracelets cornered in the jewelry box so as not to waste time to fasten them. But that's not going to happen anymore!

What are we going to tell you? These are things that have happened to all of us at some point in our lives. But relax, we have the ultimate trick so you can put on your bracelets faster than ever, and that the rush is not an excuse!

With this simple trick you can put on your favorite bracelets whenever you want and without anyone's help.


Trick: how to put on a bracelet quickly and comfortably

All you need is:

1 paper clip, or 1 safety pin, or 1 piece of thread.

With any of these 3 objects you will learn how to put on a link bracelet or link bracelet, with carabiner clasp, round, or sailor in a moment.

Here are the 3 simple steps to follow. The example will be made with 1 paper clip, but you can use 1 safety pin or 1 piece of thread.


Step 1

-Open the clip so that it is elongated.


Step 2

-Pass the clip through the part opposite to the clasp of the bracelet. Hold it with your hand to hold the chain.


Step 3

-Snap the carabiner or clasp of the bracelet on the chosen link.

And voila! remove the clip, and you will have your bracelet fastened.


Tip: Use a flat surface

Place the bracelet on a flat surface, place the back of your forearm on it and hold the clasp with your index finger and thumb. The other hand can be used to fasten the bracelet. Super easy!!!

1 paper clip, or 1 safety pin, or 1 piece of thread, that's all it takes to keep the bracelet from falling off, help us keep the two ends close together so we can easily fasten them. The key is to thread the hairpin through the last link of the bracelet. This way, you will be able to hold the fork with your hand and focus exclusively on the clasp. This will allow you to fasten it perfectly without it slipping off your wrist.


Here is another less popular method

You only need a piece of tape or adhesive tape.


Step 1

Take a piece of tape or sticky tape that is not super sticky.


Step 2

Hold the bracelet over your wrist and tape one end to the skin.


Step 3: Wrap the bracelet around your wrist.

Wrap the bracelet around your wrist and fasten it.


Step 4

Remove the piece of tape and you have it.


Do you dare to try it? What do you think about this simple trick? It's amazing how such a simple tip can make life so much easier.

Now that you know how to wear a bracelet in such a comfortable way, don't be mean, and share this trick with your friends. Visit Planderful's website to know the rest of the tips we have for you.



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