Top Trending Bracelet Design Every Women Must Own

Top Trending Bracelet Design Every Women Must Own

Silver Bracelets have been around forever. Every woman is truly blessed with an intrinsic grace that can be beautifully escalated by wearing silver bracelets. 

According to experts, a vintage bracelet made out of green stone discovered in a Siberian cave dates back 40,000 years. 


Bracelets add a wow factor to your character, thereby making you look stunning like never before. 


What are bracelets made of?


The most popular metals used in the manufacturing of bracelets are: metal, natural and faux gemstones and beads, leather, textile materials, plastic, stone, wood, and shells.


The term ‘bracelet’ refers to flexible jewelry pieces that require beading wire or string (rigid or elastic) and clasp closure, usually made out of metal.


Lustrous and sophisticated. Modern and chic bracelets truly stand the test of time.


Accentuate Your Own Style

A beautiful bracelet can not only be the perfect addition to your jewelry look but it can also emphasize your wardrobe choices too. 


So why not style your outfit to your bracelet choice? Make a statement. 


A sleeveless evening dress at a formal event. Opt for small studs and nothing else but a unique bracelet.


For a bold look, a bracelet adds a touch of elegance as eyes are drawn to the curvature of the wrist.


A large statement ring and a chunky bracelet contrast perfectly together and end up looking over-the-top.


Choose the bracelet type that Suits Your Mood


Bracelets are the pieces that don’t just reflect your jewelry aesthetics, fashion choices or personality, but also reflect your mood.


Are you feeling edgy or sentimental? Endless options from stacked bracelets, string bracelets, Baroque style bracelets, gothic style bracelets, etc. goes on so let's get experimenting.


Every fashionista embraces the power of sterling silver jewelry right now.


Wearing Bracelet On Left Wrist Promotes Positivity

If you are curious about spirituality, do you know the left side of the body is associated with our internal self in the spiritual world? 


Wearing a silver bracelet on your left hand wrist can take in positive energy from the environment around you.


It is claimed that our favorite precious metal is said to carry the energies of the moon, especially during new moons and full moons, forming a protective force field around the wearer and reflecting away negativity.


According to Buddhism, wearing silver jewelry can help heal your chakras and restore balance internally and externally.


It is believed that much strength can come from wearing a silver bracelet on your left wrist daily. 


So why not check out Silver Fiction Bracelet for Women (Sell in Pair) from our Planderful collection for some style inspiration and keep the positivity coming in.

This timeless accessory is long-lasting and at the same time graceful. Also, this jewelry piece sustains till the trend continues.


Keep The Bracelet Looking Fresh

  • To maintain its sheen, keep it in its own sealed bag in a cool, dark place. 
  • Ensure that it isn’t in sunlight or in a damp place.


We, at Planderful offer an extensive range of silver bracelets with stunning designs that bring out the best of your look! Visit us now!


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