This is the meaning of your Christmas jewelry

This is the meaning of your Christmas jewelry

Surely you have worn your favorite jewelry at Christmas, those that are the most representative of this festive season, such as reindeer, snowflakes, or typical colors like red and green. But have you ever wondered what they mean? In Planderful we will tell you the meaning of your Christmas jewelry, and that you can continue to use it even in the New Year, read on!


Reindeer Earrings

Reindeer are the animals that symbolize Christmas. According to tradition, reindeer are the helpers who are at the service of Santa Claus. There are nine reindeer that pull his magic sleigh and turn this day into one of the most magical of the year where the illusion soaks young and old. Of course, in the beginning, there were only eight, as reflected in the poem "A visit from St Nicholas" (1823) by Clement Clarke Moore.

Everything changed in 1939 when Robert L. May's "Christmas Story" was published, where it was established that the eight reindeer were joined by one more; one with a red nose who became the undisputed leader of the herd and guided the magic sleigh.

Another curious fact is that Santa's helpers are females, contrary to what was always thought about the sex of the most famous reindeer of Christmas. The fact that they keep their antlers in December confirms it since males tend to lose them in November and females keep them until January to protect their young from predators. Interesting, isn't it?


Star Jewelry

Stars in jewelry are usually worn at both Christmas and New Year. At Christmas, the star is usually associated with the star that is placed at the top of the Christmas tree. It symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem, which, according to Catholic tradition, was the star that guided the Magi to the birth of Jesus. Thanks to this divine sign, their Majesties were able to offer their gifts to the Child.

The light of the star also signifies the faith and hope that guides all believers. Traditionally, a lighted candle was placed at the top of the trees, but because of the risk of fire, over time, it was preferred to replace it with a star. The optimistic meaning of the stars makes them a perfect symbol for our jewelry to also say goodbye to the year. Visit Planderful's website to discover the variety of star jewelry we have to offer.


Jewelry with Bows

Christmas is the date par excellence to receive and give gifts. But, do you know what the bows we use for gifts really mean? Well, the bows throughout history have been a symbol of family unity and respected and loved people. This bow represents union. One end of the bow represents the person who gives the gift, and the other end is the one who receives it. Therefore, the bow is the symbol of the union between the giver and the receiver.

The bow without a doubt, besides decorating our gifts, has a very beautiful meaning with which you show your affection towards your loved ones.


Cup Rings

These rings symbolize the typical toast that we make with our family at Christmas and New Year. This jewelry is ideal to accompany the festive spirit of these special dates. The tradition of raising the glasses in special moments like this dates back to the 16th century when the army of Charles V celebrated the conquest of Rome. According to historians, the military leaders raised their wine glasses and said: "bring dirs", which means "I offer it to you" in German.

Another version indicates that this ritual originated among the Greeks and Romans, who used to hold feasts of such magnitude that diners had to raise and clink their glasses so that the noise would alert the servants that they needed another round of wine. Beyond its origin, the toast has accompanied people at the most important events.


Snowflake Hoops

Many people celebrate Christmas and New Year's during winter, however, the snowflake has become a symbol of these dates in all parts of the world. The snowflake is commonly an ornament on our Christmas tree. Its shape has fascinated humans throughout history, and there is even a poem in its honor.

Probably this fascination with snowflakes is due to an old belief that no two snowflakes are alike. This premise is widely used in philosophy as a metaphor that each human being is unique and unrepeatable.


Jewelry with Crosses

Crosses have different meanings, but the most appropriate for Christmas and New Year is to wear the Christian cross, due to the origin of these holidays. The cross is the most distinctive symbol of Christianity.

The cross in Christianity has become a symbol of reconciliation and healing. Wearing this symbol on a necklace, earring, bracelet, or ring during the holidays will give us the good energies we need. Remember that, according to the Christian Bible, December 25th is considered the day of Jesus' birth, even though today it is a date that we all celebrate as a family regardless of our beliefs.


Green and Red Jewels

Green and red are colors that we recognize as typical of Christmas. So jewelry with stones in these colors is a classic choice, but not many people really know why they are wearing them.

This started centuries ago when they were worn to commemorate a different holiday. The ancient Celts honored the holly, a tree that was green and red, because it was evergreen, and they believed it was the way the Earth stayed beautiful during the winter cold. So when they and other cultures celebrated the winter solstice, they decorated their homes with holly to bring protection and good fortune to their families in the coming year.

The tradition of combining red with green continued into the 15th century when these colors were used to paint medieval screens, which were installed in temples to separate the priest from the congregation. It is believed that green and red were used to frame biblical figures. Although it is also believed that these colors were used because they were the pigments that existed. The truth is that the reason is still not known for sure, but red and green have become infallible colors in these celebrations.


Now that you know more about the meaning of your jewelry, we invite you to choose your next New Year's jewelry. Visit Planderful's website to discover what we have for you.


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