Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Gold Jewelry

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Gold Jewelry

Everyone loves the precious yellow metal. Gold is an alluring commodity, one that needs no debate.


People have been drawn to Gold for centuries – there are no two ways about it. 


Gold is a hit during weddings and festivities, and on the top of the buying list as a great investment opportunity.


Here are some tips for buying gold so that you buy pure and good quality gold every time, read on.


Check the Purity: One of the most crucial tips for buying gold is to test the purity of the gold you purchase. 


22k gold being 92% pure. Buying gold jewelry without checking its purity is a no-no. 


The percentage of metal in the alloy determines its purity. Karat and Fineness are two main systems to check the purity of the precious metal.


24K is the highest form of its purity. Gold jewelry is often available between 14K to 18K purity.  


For example the Irem Triple Pearls Bracelet - Golden Freshwater Pearl Bracelet (large freshwater pearl,14K gold) could be a great asset to own.

Check the Hallmark: The best way to judge for purity of gold is to find the hallmarking on the piece of jewelry. 


Investing in gold jewelry might be a big decision, since it requires a large investment. 


Hallmark is an indication of purity of gold. Buying hallmarked jewelry is highly recommended. 


Hallmark not only indicates the purity of the gold but also is a way of safe investment.


At Planderful, we believe that authenticity is an important factor to consider. Check out the Golden Art Ring with Freshwater Pearls - Golden Freshwater Pearls Ring for Women (Gold-Plated Copper).

Weight: The price of gold jewelry is based on its weight, that is on a per gram basis.


The rates keep fluctuating on a daily basis across different locations. Make sure to check its weight and calculate the cost as per gold cost at the time of purchase.


In case there are studded items, the cost is extremely high. Make sure to do adequate research before purchasing the precious metal.


So always get the weight break up of each material and accordingly, the overall buy-back value of the gold jewelry.


Compare making charges: Another important aspect while buying gold jewelry is to negotiate the making charges.


Making jewelry involves a labor cost that is usually charged per gram gold basis. 


The making charges are relative to the creativity of the designer and the effort of craftsmen.


So you might be paying an 8-10% higher amount than the actual value of gold in your article. 


Planderful has the right costs for every investment you make. Check out Golden Galaxy Ring - Golden Ring for Women.

Buy back Policy: Many jewelers these days offer the option of buyback to let you exchange your old jewelry to keep up with the trends.


So even if the trends change, the value of the gold will always be in tune with the current market rate.


It is calculated on the basis of the value of gold on the date of buyback depending on prevailing rates.


So if you ever get bored of your gold jewelry, discussing buy backs during a purchase could benefit one in the future.


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