Things to Consider Before Buying an Eternity Ring

Things to Consider Before Buying an Eternity Ring

Eternity rings are encrusted with diamonds and other gemstones, cleverly designed so they will not only match your wedding ring perfectly, but also sit comfortably and beautifully together.


The diamond eternity ring is a sparkling band showcasing the brilliance of each stone for a clean, sharp and a modern look.


Eternity rings symbolize undying commitment and undying love, also known as infinity rings.


Origin of Eternity Rings


About 4,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians began the gift-giving custom and from there the idea of eternity rings originated.


During those times, the eternity rings were made from braided reeds or carved bone, and featured beads, carvings, and precious stones.

About thousands of years later, the concept of eternity rings was reshaped into a more streamlined design.

It is in the 19th century, diamond eternity bands were introduced into the market but didn’t acquire popularity until the late 1960s.


Types of Eternity Rings


It usually has 3 types depending on the number of diamonds and their settings:


  1. Full eternity diamond ring: Where the diamonds or the stones used are studded all around the circumference of the ring.


  1. Half eternity diamond ring: Where the ring is made of precious metal and has diamonds studded half-way around the circumference of the ring.


  1. Three-fourth eternity diamond ring: Where the diamonds are studded on the 3/4th portion of the surface leaving the rest of the portion blank. 


When to Give an Eternity Ring?

The eternity rings are typically gifted to mark special moments within a couple’s relationship.


Besides anniversaries, the ring symbolizes the circle of life, making it a perfect gift for the birth of a child.


This elegant piece of Jewelry makes an excellent gesture on birthdays, Valentine’s day or other special occasions personal to you.


It can be gifted for the memorable milestone within your relationship that the two of you will cherish forever.


Which Style of Eternity Ring Should You Choose?


Before you consider the type, setting and diamond shape, you should first choose whether you’d prefer a full or half eternity ring.


Full eternity rings are the most traditional type of eternity ring, with the continuous circle of stones representing undying love.


Although they offer a luxurious design and impressive sparkle but be mindful that they are difficult to resize.


Half eternity rings are often chosen because they are more comfortable and less heavy for daily wear.


How to Get the Right Size Eternity Ring?


We advise you to get the size right the first time. You can easily determine the right size using the existing wedding or engagement ring.


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