The Ultimate Guide to the Best Necklace Style for Each Zodiac Sign  (Part 1)

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Necklace Style for Each Zodiac Sign (Part 1)

Zodiac signs are a great way to tell the world who you are. They're also a great way to show off your style, with rings and other jewelry that match your style and personality.


However, not all zodiac signs are created equal! For example, many people think that diamonds are the way to go for certain zodiac signs—but if you're in one of these kinds of signs, then it might be time to rethink your diamond collection.


When you're looking for the perfect piece of jewelry for yourself, you might be tempted to pick something that feels good and fits your personality—but if you want to make sure that your piece is truly at the top of the game, it's often important to choose something that will suit and reflect your sign.


Here at Planderful, we know how important it is to feel confident in everything that makes you who you are. That includes your sense of style! Check out our highly recommended pieces for each zodiac sign.


  1. ARIES – Expressive and Bold


Are you an Aries? If so, you may have an expressive and bold personality! You know that it's highly essential to surround yourself with the right people, places, and things.

Aries are known to be confident and daring. They are always prepared to take on new adventures and they never shy away from challenges. That's why we created a collection of fiery and captivating necklaces that is sure to please any Aries personality.


Soleste Moissanite Pendant for Women


Aries are fearless and passionate. They don't let anything stand in their way when they're on a mission to achieve their goals. This daring piece will inspire your inner Aries personality to come out!

Red Zircon (3.0CT) Stone Solitaire Drop Necklace for Women



  1. TAURUS – Dreamy and Relaxed

You're one of the most creative, ambitious, and intelligent people in the world. You have a deep sense of curiosity and a strong need for security. You're also very loyal and have a tendency to be a little possessive.


These Planderful pieces are airy and light, and just what you need to express your Taurean style!

Taurus is all about staying grounded while being imaginative and creative. Our jewelry evokes an air of comfort and charm, so it's easy to take with you wherever you go without feeling burdened and could also serve as a great statement piece when you're opting for a minimalist or chill look.

Golden Serpentine Necklace - Golden Necklace for Women


This necklace is a gorgeous statement piece that can go with anything from jeans to dressed-up cocktail dresses! It's made from sterling silver with a unique design that's perfect for anyone who loves simplicity (or wants to show off their inner bull).

Yellow Crystal (Rose Gold Colour) Gift Box Necklace for Women




  1. GEMINI – Bubbly and Chic

Gemini, the zodiac sign ruled by the planet Mercury, is a unique combination of duality and independence. You are a thinker and an action taker—you love to be in the middle of things, but you also crave the solitude of your own thoughts.

Gemini, you're a duality. You're the first sign to have two different elements in your birth chart—two different houses, two different planets. You have a wide range of interests and are constantly on the move. This beautiful necklace will make a great gift for your loved one who shares their zodiac sign with you! It's also a great way to celebrate their birthday or any other special occasion.

Blue Zircon(3.5CT) Stone Solitaire Drop Necklace for Women




But don't let your restless nature make you feel like you're missing out on things! If you're looking to find the best jewelry for gemini zodiac sign, here's the right piece for you!


Flower Necklace for Women





  1. CANCER – Romantic and Classy

The best jewelry for cancer zodiac sign is all about getting the most out of what you've got. You're kind and empathetic—you want to be able to express yourself through your style, so it's important that whatever you choose reflects that. Here are some of our favorite pieces that will help you do just that!

Whether you choose a single strand or a pair of earrings, your Cancer jewelry should be timeless and elegant. It shouldn't be too flashy or gaudy—just classy and understated enough to make you feel like royalty while still letting everyone know that you're someone special, just like this Pink Zircon Stone Solitaire Drop Necklace!


Pink Zircon(13.1CT) Stone Solitaire Drop Necklace for Women


When it comes to jewelry, Cancer is all about simplicity, elegance and a little bit of mystery. They're also known for their earthy, feminine style, which makes them the ideal candidate for a pearl necklace or pair of pearl earrings.

18K Gold Freshwater Pearls Necklace for Women



  1. LEO – Stunning and Bold

If you're a Leo, you're the sun. You're warm and kind, and you bring light to the world. You are a magnetic force that draws people toward you in waves. And your jewelry should reflect all of these qualities!


The Leo zodiac sign is known for its bold and outgoing personality, so we think it's only fitting that your jewelry should reflect that same spirit. Whether you're looking for a piece of crystal-encrusted necklace or an emerald-studded ring, we've got the perfect solution for your Leo personality!

Green Zircon Stone Solitaire Drop Necklace for Women


Leo jewelry is all about showing off your style without being flashy. It has a classic feel that makes it look like you are always on top of things, but subtle enough to let you show off what you have without looking too expensive or flashy.


Golden Leather Necklace - Golden Necklace for Women



  1. VIRGO – Sophisticated and Polished

Virgo, you're a great friend and loyal to your friends, but you've also got a sharp mind and are always finding ways to better yourself. You're the type of person who can always be trusted to do the right thing, so it's no wonder that you've become a trusted advisor for many people. That said, this doesn't mean that Virgos can't be stylish!

Moissanite Soleste Round Halo Pendant for Women


As we all know, fashion is more than just what's on your body; it's also about how you feel when you put on certain pieces of clothing or accessories. And while Virgos are known for their practicality and intelligence—things that make them great advisors and leaders—they also have a flair for style…just like this simple yet head-turning Stone Solitaire Drop Necklace!

Purple Zircon(3.0CT) Stone Solitaire Drop Necklace for Women



Whether you're shopping for someone born on the eighth of December, or someone born on the twenty-third of January, there's a pretty necklace option out there just waiting for you to discover it here at Planderful!


Stay tuned for the 2nd Part of our "The Ultimate Guide to the Best Necklace Style for Each Zodiac Sign" blog post!

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