The Perfect Pair of Earrings for Your Destination Wedding

The Perfect Pair of Earrings for Your Destination Wedding

Dates fixed? Well, congratulations. Destination Weddings are the most exciting, aren't they? 


They are fun plus the perfect opportunity to combine your personal style and sense of self with something that’s also suitable for wearing in front of all your friends and family. 


While this day is already so special, what makes it even more special for the bride-to-be is her bridal jewelry.


Which includes choosing accessories for the big day, such as the beautiful pair of wedding earrings.


Check out the list of statement earrings that are currently hot trends and something brides-to-be should try with their dreamy wedding attire.


Trendy Earrings For The Palace 


For a palace wedding, we would recommend stylish earrings that are sure to standout at a destination wedding.


For the more classically-inclined, the Love Key Enamel Earrings for Women look like the kind of timeless accessory a bride can one day pass down to her children.

These elegant earrings can effortlessly add flair to any traditional ensemble, just team it up with a bright infectious smile, they will steal the hearts in a blink.

Neutral Earrings For The Mansion 


For weddings at the mansions, we would recommend keeping it sophisticated and neutral. 


Tap into our Snowflake Chain Enamel Silver Drop Earrings for Women for a more vibrant and ethnic look. 

These charming, gorgeous and radiant traditional earring sets can brighten up any look like fire.


Sophisticated Earrings For The Ballroom


For wedding events at the ballroom, we would recommend styling earrings bearing in mind that you’ll be indoors. 


Silver Link Chain Enamel Earrings for Women would be the perfect fit for such a setting. 

They can easily up the oomph quotient of your look, adding the right amount of charm and elegance.


Splendid Earring For The Beach


Beach weddings are one of the most popular destinations. It's going to be extremely windy, especially if you’re close to the water.


The magnificent Red Jellyfish Enamel Silver Earrings for Women would feel light and are easily manageable.

For the beach weddings, you can also go for boho chic earrings with tassels to add an airy feel to them.


Timeless Earrings For The Garden


For the garden wedding, we recommend dainty, embellished or the pearl drops, to add glamor and a bling to your wedding wear.


You can go for the minimal and clean Colorful Rhombus Grid Enamel with Pearl Water Drop Earrings for Women keeping the earring tones lighter and airy. 

These earrings are a beautiful example of timeless jewelry, the pearls are a great way to add a touch of chic to any outfit reflecting the old world charm.


We hope that these recommendations will help you choose the perfect pair of earrings for your destination wedding!


Whatever earrings you choose for your special day, we at Planderful are sure you’ll look great and more importantly, feel great and enjoy the wedding. 


Save this checklist to make the best out of it when you begin your bridal jewelry shopping. Planderful is the perfect destination for a wedding jewelry collection. 

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