The perfect earrings for bridesmaids at a wedding

The perfect earrings for bridesmaids at a wedding

The bridesmaids always have it a little complicated, because they have to look as elegant as possible, but without leaving the bride in the background. Preparations, protocol, the dress... and the earrings? They are one of the accessories that must be taken care of, as they will receive the attention of the most curious. For this reason, in this post, we share with you a series of tips and ideas about earrings for bridesmaids.

What jewelry should a godmother wear?

Classic jewelry is usually the most recommended for bridesmaids. On many occasions, it is also very common to wear family jewelry that keeps the values and traditions of the family inside. To help you be the most elegant godmother, we are going to go a step further and show you the main aspects to take into account when choosing jewelry for a godmother.


What earrings should a bridesmaid wear?

The choice of earrings for a bridesmaid is important, as they will have to fit perfectly both with the shape of your face, as well as with your outfit or dress. Check out our post on what type of earrings to choose depending on your face type and find out which one is perfect for you.


Bridesmaid earrings according to the time of the wedding day

If it is a daytime wedding, the colors should be more vibrant. We can choose colors such as aquamarine, fuchsia, and white or mix them all. The Pink Zircon Stone Solitaire Drop are the perfect earrings for modern bridesmaids.

On the other hand, if the wedding is in the afternoon or evening, bridesmaids can pick from nearly any color. You can play more with the cuts of the dress, so you will have more options to choose from. In Planderful we love how Moissanite Pear Drop Soleste Halo Studs earrings look for a night look with a long dress, do you dare?


Bridesmaid earrings according to the color of the dress

If our dress is of a single color, we have two options: we can opt for totally different jewelry to make a strong contrast with the clothes, for example, the Double Layered Geometric Drop earrings. These elegant earrings for a bridesmaid will look great with a fuchsia pink wedding dress, try them and you'll be right!

Or, on the contrary, we can choose a simpler and more concealed option such as the Golden Round Chain Studs earrings, which will be appropriate for the vast majority of outfits and weddings. To continue giving a different touch to the dress, the bridesmaid can opt for accessories in gold tone. Also, you can choose the same color earrings as your bridesmaid dress.

However, we want to recommend a special color for your bridesmaid look: red. This color is very popular among the bridesmaids. Combine your dress like the popular bridesmaids in red with our most elegant earrings: the Mercury Drop earrings.


Bridesmaid earrings according to the print of the dress

Less is more, so if your dress is already printed and with many colors, opt for silver or gold  earrings. You could, at most, opt for a white detail to bring more light to the look.

For example, a classic that never goes out of style and is one of the most elegant, are our 18K Gold Freshwater Pearl Long Studs earrings, the key accessory for the bridesmaid, dare to wear them with an updo! In addition, we recommend that you opt for a bridesmaid chignon to make these earrings look their best.


Bridesmaid earrings according to the size of jewelry: long earrings for bridesmaids

What long earrings should a bridesmaid wear? Well, the earrings for a traditional bridesmaid are usually not very long (no more than 4cm or so) to prevent them from standing out too much. To give you an idea, Silver with White Circle earrings, which are also perfect for an afternoon or evening wedding, would be the ideal size if you were going to a classic wedding.

On the other hand, if it is a civil wedding such as a beach wedding you can opt for more striking earrings. Long earrings are increasingly seen in bridesmaids. Meteorite Drop earrings would be a very good option. These earrings have an original and different design, but at the same time, they are sophisticated and will bring elegance to your wedding look.


Elegant bridesmaid earrings according to hairstyle

If you are wearing an updo, your earrings will be the center of attention much more than if you are wearing a flower tiara, a loose hairstyle or any other type of accessory. So make sure you choose the earrings that you like the most and suit your bridesmaid dress. Remember that the accessories should not eclipse the eyes focused on the bride.

For updos, we recommend using smaller earrings, such as climbers. The Silver Snake Studs earrings are perfect for a wedding. This silver climber and we are sure that it will give a lot of light to your face.

Plus, you can make the perfect match, creating the most ideal bridesmaid jewelry set by combining the Silver Snake Studs earrings with the Half Eternity Moissanite ring and Silver Serpentine necklace.


Pearl earrings for bridesmaid jewelry

Finally, we want to make a special mention of pearls. Pearls are a material that combines perfectly for a wedding look both day and night. The pearl earrings are a classic accessory that never goes out of fashion.

We are seeing more and more pearl accessories for bridesmaids, so here are our proposals:


Finally, look for the balance between bridesmaid accessories

Both the bridesmaid earrings, such as pendants, bracelets, or rings, should match. But not only between them, but also with the rest of the accessories of your look, such as your shoes or your bag. Do not be obsessed with trying to choose the same colors and details in all the accessories, but it is very important that you can create a balance.


At a wedding, the bride will always be the protagonist, but that doesn't mean that the bridesmaid should not be elegant, beautiful, sophisticated, or go unnoticed. Are you ready to be the most elegant bridesmaid on the planet?

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