The keys to putting together the perfect basic jewelry box

The keys to putting together the perfect basic jewelry box

Sometimes, choosing the right basic pieces to be part of your jewelry box can be a complicated task. In the same way as with clothes or makeup organizers, to make the perfect jewelry box should not miss the classics, those infallible basic jewels for any look and occasion.

Therefore, beyond the trends, here are the keys to start making a perfect jewelry box that can be used on any occasion.


You don't need to have a lot of jewels to have a good jewelry box

It is indisputable that accessories can completely change a look, that's why it is so important to have a good jewelry box. By varying our accessories we can change our daytime outfit for an evening one, or that basic blouse that we can revitalize with more striking necklaces. We can also give a more executive or more casual touch depending on how we combine our jewelry.

Having a good basic jewelry box that will get us out of any trouble is very easy to achieve, and so that you don't have any doubts, we are going to give you the keys to having a perfect basic collection. To make the perfect jewelry box you only need minimalist jewelry with versatile, simple, and timeless designs that make the woman who wears them feel special.


Essential earrings

It is the most fundamental piece in a good jewelry box because it is the most common piece to wear daily.

Earrings are one of the most visible pieces of jewelry and are closer to the face. Beautiful earrings have the power to illuminate your face and your look, so we recommend you have at least three basic models as jewelry backgrounds.


Pearl earrings

Unquestionably, our first recommendation is to have a pair of white pearl earrings. A timeless classic that you can wear on many occasions and that will give you a simple but sophisticated image.

Short pearl earrings fit perfectly with your day-to-day. If you opt for long pearl earrings, these have a more sophisticated air and you can wear them at your most special events. Nowadays there are very youthful and modern pearl models that give your looks a more elegant and sophisticated look.

Undoubtedly, pearl earrings cannot be missing from a perfect jewelry box.


Short earrings

An essential is the short earrings that we can wear on multiple occasions and always look good, whether in jeans, dresses, or suits, earrings are a sure hit.

Choose short earrings that fit your tastes and needs. We recommend that you never miss a pair of small simple earrings in silver and gold color in geometric shape or with any shape you choose, such as heart or star earrings. These types of pieces can be very useful to create your most casual day-to-day outfits.

Keep in mind that silver earrings favor whiter skins, and golden colors favor darker and tanned skins.

You can't miss some diamond or zirconia earrings that are rather small in size. As they are translucent, you can combine them with any color look, both day and night, and they will give you an elegant and refined style.


Long Earrings

Long earrings are the undisputed piece to look perfect at weddings and other celebrations, where we want to wear a more elegant style. Long earrings give the final touch to dresses, suits, skirts... Remember to combine them with your other accessories such as bags and shoes.



Hoop earrings

In any shape or finish, these earrings give a breath of fresh and youthful air to the looks. The earrings can be simple and plain, without any decoration, or they can be decorated with zircons, crystals, resins, or engraved with shapes.


Rings that you can't miss

The ideal would be to include in our collection a central stone ring that gives you a personal touch and several minimalist rings so that you have several options to combine them.

Rings in silver or gold

In our jewelry box can not miss a simple ring in silver or gold tone depending on our tastes. This ring can save us from more than one trouble because they are very easy to combine and always look good.



Rings with brightness

Rings with brightness are indispensable if you want to go perfect to your most glamorous and important events. There is a wide variety of models and materials to suit all budgets and tastes. Diamond rings, white gold, zirconia, or crystals are good choices to succeed on those significant days.


Rings with colored stones

These rings are more difficult to combine, but they add style and dynamism, as well as individuality and character to your outfits. In short, rings with stones will make you stand out from the rest.

When choosing the color of the stones your choice will depend on your taste and the color of your clothes. If you have a predominant color in your closet, choose pieces that combine with it, and not with another color that hardly appears in your closet. If you have doubts, a very basic solution is to choose a ring with a neutral color stone, such as black, gray, brown, or navy blue.


Rings decorated with pearls

If you are not convinced by rings with colored stones, another option is rings with pearls. These, like the previous ones, give character and elegance to your most special looks. You can find pearls of different shapes, sizes, and colors, you just have to choose the one you like the most.



The bracelets you can't miss

Shiny bracelets

Bracelets with glitter have become the piece that many women rely on to give a plus to their most elegant dresses and outfits. Bracelets are easier to wear than necklaces because they do not depend on the neckline, the shape of the dress, or the length of our neck.

Choose a bracelet that matches the glitter ring and you can combine them to create more complex and elegant looks.


Simple bracelets

You can't go wrong with a small variety of minimalist bracelets for our day-to-day to go combining them and creating varied looks. Here the range of options is wide and you can choose, among multiple models, those that best suit your personality and style, although we always recommend you look for comfort and simplicity in the designs.

There is a great infinity of models and materials: stainless steel, hypoallergenic metal, silver, rubber, braided thread, silver and gold, thin or thick bracelets, and a multitude of brands and models.




The basic necklace that is present in almost all jewelry boxes is the long chain necklace because it is indispensable for everyday looks, they are easy to combine and are always perfect for the most conventional occasions, such as going to work, to a get-together with friends, or even for those informal events where we always like to be a little more dressed up.


Long chain necklaces

With these jewelry basics, you will not have to worry if you are invited to a party or last-minute meeting: you will always be ready to go perfect and leave everyone surprised by your style and elegance. And for you, what are your essentials?



These are the jewelry basics that we recommend so you can start creating a perfect jewelry box with the safest and most versatile options. This way you can easily complete your looks and always have something to wear on all kinds of occasions.


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