The definitive guide to Ear Clips

The definitive guide to Ear Clips

Ear Clips are one of those pieces that are very widespread and today we will talk about them a little more in detail. It is one of the jewelry trends that returns periodically. In this article, we will discuss some questions about it, so that you are perfectly clear about the meaning and origin of this great accessory.

Here we tell you everything you need to know about ear clips, the earrings that will give a glamorous must to your outfit.


What are Ear Clips?

Ear Clips are an earring design that is held in the ear without the need for a hole. These accessories simulate a piercing, as they adapt to the cartilage of the ear but without a perforation. So you can put them in and take them out very easily.

Ear Clips are a trend that has grown in recent years, more and more women have integrated Ear Clips into their favorite jewelry collections! With Ear Clips the ear is perfectly dressed, giving a fabulous and eye-catching touch to your look. And you don't need to have a hole in your ear to wear them and combine them every day in a different and original way.


Current trends inspired by jewelry history

What is the history of this particular piece of jewelry? As it happens on many occasions, we have to thank ancient cultures for the existence of these earrings without holes, or the "Kaffa", as it was called. The use of Ear Clips and their boom in fashion is inspired by the striking jewelry of ancient Egyptian and Indian ancestral styles. Women wore large, showy jewelry that covered the entire ear.

The earrings were the earliest known in history dating back to 2000 B.C. and were made of brass. The upper classes of Asian, Middle Eastern, and Indian cultures crafted Kaffa from precious metals, stones, and pearls with intricate designs, chains, and beads that hooked from the earlobe to the nose or hair. The style of Kaffa jewelry spread even to the lower classes with simpler, unadorned versions.

Later, as early as the 18th century, elegant women eager to show off their social status wore a modernized version of the Kaffa that more closely resembled a classic earring made of precious metals, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

In modern times, in the 1930s, and inspired by Oriental jewelry, the French jeweler Marcel Boucher rescued the use of Ear Clips, which then spread throughout the United States as a result of consolidating the fashion among the high society of New York, positioning this type of design in the great milestones of jewelry fashion. The Earrite, as it was called, was similar to the Kaffa but more feminine and delicate. It also fits snugly into the earlobe.

In the 1950s, many celebrities adopted it as a symbol of rebellion and pop culture. In the '80s, the alternative styles, punk and gothic, positioned these designs in women's fashion. The Ear Clips were reinvented and great jewelry designers included them in their collections. Today celebrities, models, and women like you, wear with style the different designs of this spectacular style of earrings.

How to wear Ear Clips

The designs are to be placed on the ear cartilage. You can wear them at the height you prefer, depending on the design. Wearing Ear Clips does not hurt, as they do not pull down on the earlobe generating weight. Although you may feel a slight discomfort the first time, as you are not used to it.

Ear Clips are comfortable and adapt to all ear shapes. To secure them, you should press them slightly to close them a little and prevent them from falling out.

To show off the Ear Clips and make them more eye-catching it is better to wear them on one ear only, it will add great beauty to your aesthetics and look.


Trend alert: this is how we will wear Ear Clips in our looks.

The end of the year is approaching, and with it comes the latest trends, from clothing to accessories. Everything seems to indicate that the most powerful trend for this season is to adorn your ears with ear clips, the earrings that will become your next obsession.

These earrings that embrace the ear in a stylish and glamorous way are already at the top of the list of this season's must-haves because we know that accessories are key when it comes to creating a stunning outfit. So here we tell you which are the pieces that you can not miss in your jewelry box.


Silver Ear Clips

This accessory can be combined with a relaxed outfit and pastel colors because an ear clip adorning your ear will be the perfect complement that you will need this season.


Classic gold

This accessory will be ideal to seal with gold in your sophisticated outfits because the golden color is ideal to add elegance to any look.


Pearls and glitter

Wearing this accessory with pearls or glitter will be another good option that you can put into practice as soon as possible, as these designs are some of our favorites so far.


Maxi Ear clips

Fashion experts had already given us a premise about the trend of XL accessories, as these are part of the most promising trends of 2022, so this earring with a larger size, which stands out among the others, will give you even more prominence.

Wear it with a good bass so that it does not go unnoticed and you steal all eyes on your way.


Ear Clips with pendant

And if your thing is to wear something more colorful and elegant, this design is ideal for you, because it is a more striking version that involves placing a normal earring at one end of the ear and a ring that leaves a beautiful fall of a pendant to the cartilage, giving a lot of view to this area.


Add colors

If you want to go out of the conventional, wearing colorful Ear Clips is a daring but reliable bet that will make your outfit stand out among the others, because it will be impossible to ignore the details that can make your outfit the winner of the night and of the season.


Tip: If you are one of those who usually wear more than one earring, combine it with accessories that are the same color and with a sleek hairstyle, such as a high ponytail.


Accessories have the power to transform any look, so wearing a pair of Ear Clips will be a winning bet to not go unnoticed at any time, because this trend is innovative, glamorous, and very easy to wear.

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