The best looks to go to work

The best looks to go to work

The outfits we usually wear to work are normally more formal than the ones we wear on other occasions. To get out of this routine, the answer lies in jewelry. With them, we can complement the outfit to get a look with more character. Here are some ideas for you to apply to your daily routine.


What is the key to choosing the ideal jewelry for your office outfit?

Each piece of jewelry is designed to highlight and complement your wardrobe, but when it comes to jewelry to wear to work it is important that they do not divert attention from your face. For this reason, you should look for designs with a minimalist, discreet and elegant air, always remembering not to give up your style. At Planderful, you can find a wide variety of versatile designs ideal for both everyday and special occasions.

If you're looking to get it right when choosing jewelry to elevate your office look, we have some fundamental tips to give you for choosing jewelry to wear to work:

  • Go for an interesting and professional look.
  • Get a style that attracts the necessary attention by highlighting your professional skills and abilities.
  • Show yourself as you are and how you feel. That is the greatest empowerment.


Here are some of the options for creating your work outfit:


Go for discretion

We recommend choosing discreet jewelry pieces that allow harmony between practicality and elegance. A perfect choice could be a combination of a delicate stone necklace and small stone or silver earrings in a minimalist style that match each other.


Select the right jewelry

Select delicate pieces with a design that allow you to move freely and at the same time help you to bring a touch of light to your face, especially if you work in front of the public.

Our recommendation is to combine a necklace with personality, with fine chains and a touch of color. Remember that small and light earrings are your best allies in the office for their comfort and versatility.



You must find the balance between jewelry and your outfit, as in any other style. The jewelry you wear to work should be discreet, comfortable, and simple. Do not look for complicated outfits that stand out too much.

The size of the jewelry, especially bracelets and rings, should be small. If they are too big, they can get in the way when we are writing or handling the different tools we use. In addition, at work we are constantly moving, picking up objects, and at some point, by accident, we can hit a jewel, we can break or scratch it, and even jump some stone or crystal that is embedded in it.

You can complete your style with a necklace, maxi, or small because it will not get stuck or hit easily with any element. Also, remember that simplicity is the key, especially in work outfits.

Earrings are also a very good choice as accessories. These are usually very comfortable to work with and look elegant because they do not bother us when we write. They suffer almost no impact, unlike rings, bracelets, or necklaces. Also, if you are not used to wearing jewelry, earrings will be your best ally because you will forget you are wearing them as they will not bother you while you are working.

Another key is to create a good outfit, if you prefer to wear delicate and small jewelry there will be no problem, they are discreet and you will not attract attention, and you can combine and group them. The problem is when you want to wear a big jewel. Our advice, choose only one large piece of jewelry, for example, a necklace, and combine it with small pieces, for example, a ring. If you wear more than one large piece you run the risk of overloading the look.

The most flashy jewelry, with more avant-garde colors and designs, combine them with more discreet neutral-colored outfits. On the contrary, if your look is more daring, complement it with jewelry in simpler shapes and tones. Choose the main piece of your outfit and the rest has to accompany and highlight it.


The three-accessory rule

At first, it is difficult to find the balance between the amount of jewelry that is necessary for our styling. If you are hesitating about whether to go overdressed or not, it is advisable to take off the last piece you wore.

Also, there is an unwritten rule in the protocol, the rule of three accessories. It says that only three jewelry items are allowed as accessories. So start choosing only three pieces of jewelry, when you feel comfortable or you have your style more defined, you can skip this rule.

In terms of rings, if you are a businesswoman, it is recommended to wear only one ring, and if it is large, you should not wear bracelets.


The four-accessory rule

Another good combination for a perfect outfit to go to work is to follow the four-accessory rule: "less is more". Try not to go for an exaggerated look overloaded with jewelry and accessories, on the contrary, focus on four accessories that you feel comfortable with, achieving a balance between the size and the amount of jewelry. You can choose a ring with personality and combine it with an elegant bracelet.



To get a perfect style you should try out outfits and observe the looks that you find on your way, whether in magazines or on the street. Do not copy them, because elegance is in the attitude, you may like a style but it does not fit you because your personality or tastes are very different.

The keys to a good work outfit are simplicity and choosing the main piece. The whole style will revolve around the chosen piece, it is not advisable to wear more than one large piece of jewelry. If you are unsure about what jewelry to wear, choose a watch, it is a sure hit. What is your favorite look to go to work?


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