The Best Bracelets to Give to a Friend

The Best Bracelets to Give to a Friend

A nice bracelet always becomes a special gift and if in addition, its recipient is a friend and you get right in the design based on their tastes, its value is multiplied exponentially. There are few things as nice as getting to surprise someone with whom you have a beautiful relationship or friendship, through a gift that you know she likes just by seeing her face when she opens it.


Choose the perfect bracelet

If you have a friend who loves jewelry, we recommend that you value the possibility of opting for a bracelet for her next birthday, or why not for this Christmas? Bracelets are especially versatile jewelry, which you can find in a myriad of different designs and with prices adapted to all budgets. In addition, as giving jewelry as a gift is always something very meaningful and implies a strong sentimental value, you should always make sure that the materials ensure its perpetuity and durability. 

If you are looking for a bracelet for your friend that combines originality and delicacy, but also durability and quality, you cannot miss the selection of bracelets that we have for you in Planderful. From bracelets with precious stones to more modern and minimalist ones, we offer a wide variety for you to choose from.

In order to help you make the right choice, here is a brief overview of the different types of bracelets available, and so you can easily choose the one that best suits your friend's tastes, personality, and usual outfits.


Moissanite Bracelets

While this is not the cheapest alternative on our list, it is certainly the most elegant and spectacular. Can you imagine the look on your friend's face when she sees the shine of the Moissanite for the first time she tries it on her wrist?

The best thing is that the Moissanite combines beautifully with any look, being perfect as an accompaniment to any celebration dress or to add a chic touch to more casual outfits.

These bracelets have a simple design and are very delicate, and full of romanticism. In case you are not aware, Moissanite has been considered a rare and scarce mineral, which reinforces its appeal. Moissanite is often used as an alternative to diamond in jewelry making because of their similarities, so much so that many people cannot tell the two gemstones apart. They have similar hardness, and in terms of brilliance, a Moissanite will dazzle you more than a diamond. This gemstone is a cheaper alternative and just as sparkling.

We recommend you visit Planderful's blog; we have numerous articles about this gemstone.


Zircon Bracelets

Zircon is a gemstone known since the middle Ages. The oldest known zircons are from Western Australia, with an age of 4.4 million years. This gem has a wide range of colors: colorless, pink, red, orange, and yellow, although the most popular is blue. Its strong luster and intense fire give it a royal brilliance that is comparable to a diamond.

The brilliant luster and fire of zircon, combined with its good hardness and its range of colors, make it a most desirable gem. We recommend you to visit our article about Zircon, its history and properties are fascinating: Discover the secret of Zircon, the oldest gemstone on earth


Rose Gold Bracelets

If there is a trend that has gained attention in recent years is undoubtedly the rose gold color. Although its use dates back to the 18th century, the fascination for it has never been as intense as it is today. Perhaps it is due to the aura that surrounds it in which tenderness, delicacy, and elegance are combined, or perhaps it is the fact that it has become a real alternative to the traditional yellow gold and the classic white.

Jewelers love it because it is more discreet than white or yellow gold, brings warmth to the pieces, and combines perfectly with gems of any color so designers manage to create the most beautiful and striking jewelry.

In case you were wondering, rose gold is composed of 75% pure gold, 20% copper, and 5% silver. One of the virtues of rose gold is its great versatility. It goes with everything, whether it's to wear on a daily basis or to wear to a special event, day or night. Your friend will love a rose gold bracelet.


Emerald bracelets

The emerald is the jewel of hope because of its characteristic green color and a precious stone capable of turning any type of jewelry into a special piece. In ancient times, it was attributed to healing qualities for skin-related diseases.

Surprise your friend with an emerald bracelet and turn your gift into an unforgettable detail for her. More than a piece of jewelry, it could be considered a small work of art. A minimalist and inspiring design, combined with the spectacular brilliance of this gemstone and its beautiful green color generates an amazing play of light and color. Just like the ruby, you can find in Planderful natural and lab-created emeralds, so you will have both alternatives available and no one will be left without their jewelry.


Sapphire Bracelets

Sapphire is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world and for many people, it is considered the stone of wisdom and sanity. It is popularly attributed to properties related to increased concentration and peace of mind.

As for its aesthetic values, its beauty makes it the ideal match for metals such as gold, making it capable of turning any piece of jewelry into a unique gift.  Its brilliance masterfully combines delicacy and elegance. The sublime sapphires that surround the wrist of the hand shine like nothing else in the world. This bracelet will become an inseparable companion for your friend's wrist. This is an incredible gift without a doubt.

We bring you an incredible opportunity to give a bracelet with the properties of this gemstone with our laboratory-created sapphires.


Isn't it nice to think that your friend will remember you every time she looks at her wrist for a few seconds? We know that when it comes to surprising a friend, the quality of the gift and the taste for detail are two fundamental factors.

For our part, we can only wish you that she enjoys the gift, which we are sure will surprise her very pleasantly, and invite you to discover more content of this type through our website.

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