The Antique Green Crystal Jewellery That Will Blow Your Mind

The Antique Green Crystal Jewellery That Will Blow Your Mind

Green crystal Jewelry is one of the most versatile pieces you could add to your Jewelry box.


Over the last few years, Crystal Jewelry is emerging as something more than the perfect fashion accessories.

Wearing crystal Jewelry can add a wonderful elegance and unexpected versatility to make a lasting impression on those around you.

Our style changes with the season, so do our Jewelry crystal trends. The striking green color perfectly plays into this Spring/Summer 2022 trend.


Green crystals come in all kinds of styles, like vertical and horizontal bars, bars with pendants or personalized bars.


Green and glowing, it is a timeless way to elevate your whole look adding a touch of sentiment, personality and class to your everyday aesthetic.


Crystal jewelry has long been coated with the spiritual side. Depending on traditions, wearing crystals has its own metaphysical and spiritual impact that differs across cultures.


Green crystals are all about the abundant and healing energy of nature and Mother Earth. That's the reason you should wear green crystal Jewelry. 


Green color is a lively, down-to-earth color which symbolizes renewal and growth available in a greater variety of effects and shapes.


The use of colored crystals in Jewelry dates back centuries, during the Renaissance period of Europe in the 11th century.


From ancient times, green crystals have been called upon to help people find their way in this wild and unbridled world.


Regardless of who wore what and when, crystals and precious Jewelry were reserved for the wealthy and royal.


So it comes as no surprise that with this monetary value comes sentimental value, arguably raising the value even more.


Crystal Jewelry is a great way to start integrating the amplification powers and its ability to cleanse the energy into your life.


With many people looking to save on trends that are here to stay, Green Crystal Stone Waterdrop Earrings for Women, grew a following.


Investing in these Jewelry pieces allows a person to have all they need at their fingertips and don't need to spend their money on the sparkling new Jewelry trends every season. 


Any woman who loves glamor in her life is naturally drawn to the beautiful green pieces in our many collections.


Planderful Jewelry is handcrafted by our talented designers and skilled artisans who are well trained in traditional Jewelry-making techniques.


They're meant to add subtle glamor and shine for a more casual look. 


Green color has a very positive and uplifting effect at the same time it decreases strong emotions and promotes equilibrium and inner balance.


Its lush green hue is so soothing to eyes, it improves the psyche, purifies the mind, and protects from negative energy.


Stylish and charming, these beautiful earrings will surely add a pop of green to your styles. Match them with red or black for a classic feel, orange for drama, and coral for something fun and fabulous.


An everyday waterdrop with an added touch of glam is the way to our hearts, and these beauties from Planderful have us all aflutter. 


Browse our online store for an incomparable selection of beautiful waterdrop earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.


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