Style Yourself with Pearl Little Bee Necklace

Style Yourself with Pearl Little Bee Necklace

Pearls are the most unique gems and a symbol of royalty, they are opulent and eclectic – but always luxurious with a unique charm. 

Pearls instantly lend beauty and elegance to any outfit whether you are going to a cocktail hour or any other formal events.


Back in the day, pearls were considered royalty and were not allowed for the commoners. 


Pearl Properties


Pearls are organic gems formed naturally, unlike the other gemstones formed when an irritant particle gets stuck inside an oyster, mollusc, or clam. 


A unit called “grains,” is used to measure a pearl, the ratio of grain to carat is 4:1. 


Pearls are a relatively soft gem, measuring at 2.5 - 4.5 on the Mohs Scale in terms of hardness.


How to tell if the pearls you brought are authentic?

  • Pearls are identical, there's always a difference in color, shape, size, or even the shine.

  • Pearls are never perfectly shaped.

  • Pearls are always cold to touch, irrespective of the weather.

  • When you shake pearls that are strung together, it is said that it makes a soothing sound.


How to Care for Pearls?

  • Wiping with a soft tissue after every wear is recommended.

  • Fiction between the pearls can cause scratches and might lose its luster.

  • Avoid storing them with any sharp objects.

  • Restring your pearl necklace from time to time to avoid breakage.

  • Avoid contact with water, as it can get damaged.


Here are some tips that you must remember while buying pearls. Let’s have a look at them one by one:


  1. Surface Quality

When buying an authentic pearl make sure you check the surface quality of the pearl properly. TThe pearl should have a smooth, unblemished surface without any flaws.


  1. Type

Pearls have four main types - freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls and south sea pearls. Freshwater pearls are the most affordable and can be found in huge quantities. Akoya pearls are very classic whereas Tahitian and South Sea pearls are highly expensive.


  1. Color

There are a number of color options available in pearls but not all of them are authentic. If you come across a too dark or black pearl, know that it has been dyed. Only Tahitian pearls come in dark color.


  1. Size

Pearls come in sizes of 0.2 mm to 20.0 mm. Tahitian and South Sea pearls come in larger sizes.


  1. Shape

Pearls come in different shapes but round and spherical shaped pearls are classy and most preferred in Jewelry designs. 

If you are bored with the traditional white pearl necklaces but love pearls anyways, and you want to own a piece of stylish and luxurious looking pearl necklace then go for the Pearl Little Bee Necklace for Women.


This little beautifully designed bee style pearl necklace is the best option for you if you want to add a bit of drama to the classic pearl necklaces. 


Little Bee Necklace gives a glamorous look and is a best choice for evening parties and gowns. 


We at Planderful have a variety of options available in the pearls, therefore you have endless options. 


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