Silver Satellite Necklace – Perfect for Every Occasion

Silver Satellite Necklace – Perfect for Every Occasion

The satellite chain is a perfect complement to any occasion. This necklace comes in several designs and sizes. 

Style doesn't go out of fashion, satellite chain designs can be worn, spring, summer, autumn or winter - for years to come.


Sterling silver is a classic metal for necklaces, 1mm, fine trace chain, with delicate sterling silver beads evenly spaced.


They can be chokers, waterfall style or will go with everything. Chains are probably the most basic option, and satellite chains is the gorgeous and perfect for modern jewelry designs.


Sterling silver shines like nothing else and makes this necklace extra special, but they can certainly be elegant and stunning as well.


A simple piece of jewelry for everyday wear is perfectly stunning when worn on its own or layered up with other longer length chains.

The Satellite Chain is timeless, strong, beautiful, and is perfect to layer with other necklaces. 


Beautiful dainty sterling silver satellite chain is delicate and stunning and it just adds the perfect feminine touch.


Elevate any outfit in an instant with a satellite chain necklace that will last for years.


Getting it wet and wearing it often actually helps prevent it from tarnishing - you can go to the gym, shower, and sleep in it.


Sterling silver is a hypoallergenic metal, so it’s great for people who have sensitive skin. 


Silver Satellite Necklace is back and more stylish than ever, wildly popular with Instagram influencers and celebrities.


At Planderful, there are many unique and pretty styles to choose from, including personalized necklaces that are perfect to gift.


Silver Satellite Necklace Features

  • Made with durable sterling silver for durability and longevity.

  • Simple yet eye-catching satellite chain has been created with layering in mind.

  • Their lightweight design makes it perfect for wearing all day, every day.

  • Perfect for a minimal look.


Silver Satellite Necklace offers easy elegance and unexpected versatility, effortlessly transitioning from dressy to casual with a surprising air of everyday wearability. 


It can look exceptionally stunning when paired with a crisp white shirt and denim jeans.


A dazzling satellite necklace is an obvious complement to a formal gown.


Personalization is on trend for 2022, and these lightweight, flexible chains are as comfortable to wear as they are stylish.

Our Sterling Silver Satellite Chain is a sophisticated and personalized gift for her. 


Try these for effortlessly chic styling, we love this personalized necklace paired with a contemporary look.


Here is potentially the cutest necklace you’ll ever own - the Satellite Necklace is available with stationed metal spheres for added texture.


Stack it with your favorite necklaces or upgrade your favorite party outfit.


Our bestselling Double Strand Satellite Chain Necklace, feels like royalty in this glimmering Necklace.


It guarantees a bright, shiny finish, as well as protecting the silver from tarnishing over time. 


The classic satellite chain features a unique design detail, you can use this chain when layering your designs or use it on its own and add your own charm.


We at Planderful create quality, affordable luxury products that make fashion and its trends truly accessible.


Shop sustainable and beautiful selection of stunning Silver Satellite Necklace designs from Planderful.





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