Sapphire: Everything you need to know about this gemstone

Sapphire: Everything you need to know about this gemstone

Probably, it is something that has happened to all of us, we have been dumbfounded when contemplating the beauty of this gemstone through a screen or even in reality, but do you know the history or origin of the sapphire? Keep reading this article, and we will tell you everything you need to know about this precious stone.


What is a sapphire?

Lapis lazuli, more commonly known as sapphire, is a gemstone of the corundum mineral family, it is considered, along with diamond, emerald, and ruby, as one of the 4 most prominent gemstones on the planet. Sapphire is a precious stone with a wide chromatic variety that we all know for its stunning blue hue.

It is a durable mineral, of great hardness, and hard and smooth texture, although in some cases it can be considered silky. Sapphire is a 'corundum', or aluminum oxide with a trigonal crystal structure.

The diamond may be considered the king of gemstones, but there is certainly none quite like the blue sapphire. It evokes desire, attraction and fantasy, given its spectacular color and enormous beauty.

This gemstone is of the same family as rubies, with the difference that some tend to cooler colors, and others, to warmer ones. Although you may be surprised to know that there are yellow, transparent, and even reddish sapphires.


Lady Di's favorite gem

The blue sapphire maybe you remember having seen in the hands of some historical personage of the European nobility since it is very common among the royal families. We will tell you two words: Lady Di. Yes! The princess of the people wore sapphires in her engagement ring with the current King Charles III of the United Kingdom. This famous Lady Di's sapphire engagement ring was later replicated by Kate Middleton.


What are its origins?

Its name has its origins in Greece itself, it comes from the word "Sappheiros", a blue stone, but there are those who think that its origin is linked to the Hebrew word "Sappir" which refers to a precious stone, or the most beautiful.

Sapphire has been present since ancient civilizations, an essential jewel for kings and important personalities, it was believed to be a magical stone with the power to strengthen and heal. On the other hand, it was considered as a money crystal, with power or eases of attracting things, but at the same time a stone that keeps serenity and wisdom to whoever owns it.

The blue sapphire shows its greatest splendor under natural sunlight, the Persians thought that the reflections of this precious stone gave the sky all its shades of colors. In the ancient cultures of Europe and India, Sapphire was considered the stone of Saturn as it represented heaven, the world of angels, magic, loyalty, and friendship.


What does sapphire look like?

Sapphire can be formed from magnetic fluid in rocks rich in aluminum such as granite, siderite, or pegmatite. But it can also be created by the metamorphism of rocks similar to gneiss (metamorphic rock composed of the same minerals as granite), slate, or marble.

This precious stone has been considered one of the most precious stones in the world throughout history. Its colors are due to the iron and titanium it contains.


What are the properties of sapphire?

The sapphire has the ability to move away spiritual forces. It helps us to enhance our knowledge and wisdom. In the mental field, it is related to the ability to quickly structure our thoughts. Faced with any problem, Sapphire enhances the ability to judgment and solutions.

This stone is known for its power to help the stability and inner well-being. It is also the gemstone of the month of September.


What does it mean to give a blue sapphire as a gift?

The classic blue sapphire represents loyalty, sincerity, fidelity, and truth in both relationships, religious matters and human relationships, which is why it is a very popular source of engagement rings. This gemstone is a source of peace and joy, and in ancient times, it was associated with protection from evil spirits, especially the star sapphire, seen as a powerful talisman that offered shelter and protection to the wearer.

It is also believed that a sapphire symbolizes sincerity, fidelity, and truth in human relationships and is a source of peace, wisdom, and joy. In ancient times, the star sapphire was believed to be a powerful talisman that protected travelers.


How and when to wear Sapphire?

Sapphire goes perfectly with white and, as is now traditional, silver. It is meant to be worn with neutral looks that allow your sapphires to stand out.

For the spiritual properties of sapphire can circulate through your body, and feel that energy that gives off the gemstone, it is essential that this is in contact with the skin permanently. This is the only way to receive this positive charge.

The sapphire is, without a doubt, a fascinating jewel full of mystery. In addition, its bluish tone will bring elegance and seriousness to your look.


Types of sapphires

As we have mentioned in previous lines, sapphires come from corundum, and their different colors are marked by the impurities of the trace elements of these. The red color is characteristic of rubies, while the other ranges of colors are considered sapphires.

Varieties of sapphire:

Blue Sapphire: They are the universal color of this gemstone.

  • Yellow Sapphire: They range from the characteristic canary yellow to the more suggestive honey color.
  • Orange Sapphire: Transmits depth and strength ranging from orange to the most powerful red.
  • Green Sapphire: encompasses all shades of green that convey both serenity and calm.
  • Pink sapphire: It encompasses shades from pale pink to almost red.
  • White sapphire: Stones without any kind of impurity, totally transparent and colorless.
  • Black sapphire: Colors that convey elegance, from blue to the darkest grays.
  • Padparadscha Sapphire: It gets its name from a very characteristic lotus flower with salmon or peach colors.
  • Star Sapphire: It displays star-shaped rays with direct contact with light due to small needle-like inclusions.
  • Sapphire that changes color: Depending on the type of light it is reflected in, its color may be altered.


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