Pendant Sets to Pack for Your Next Vacation

Pendant Sets to Pack for Your Next Vacation

Well, it’s that time of year when you can’t keep yourself from scrolling through your news feed without coming across your friends’ enviable holiday Pictures.


Dressing for the holidays has a different look and feel than the typical day-to-day style. 


Packing for a holiday trip can be stressful, and worrying about winding up jewelry in your luggage is often a major issue.


The key to packing jewelry for vacations is choosing the versatile pieces that work with any clothing you plan to bring, so you don't overpack the ones that you don't wind up wearing.


Let’s face it: To help you out, we’ve listed the right sets to pack for your trip specifically for you, so you won’t have to worry about finding the right pieces to create a cohesive look.


Let’s dig in!


The trick to making holiday jewelry decisions simple is to pack up a few pendant sets. They are a simple and elegant choice that can be worn comfortably no matter the occasion.


Adventure Trip


Adventure trips are all about new experiences and trying out things you wouldn’t normally do at home.


Some may like to keep it simple, while others may want to experiment with florals, floaty dresses and lots of colors. 


Green Zircon Stone Solitaire Drop Skirt Necklace for Women is the perfect choice that will give you comfort and security, while looking fabulous. 

Hill Station


When you’re on a jam-packed holiday, you are constantly on the go and have very little downtime. This will often leave you with very short time to get ready in the morning.


Crystal pendants are the one accessory that you can count on for practically any occasion, especially travel.  


(0.5CT) Moissanite Stone Snow Queen Spirituel Necklace for Women is sure to help you keep the spirit of the holidays close to the heart. 

Cruise Trip


For an easy cruise look, pack one or two silver/gold chains in your bag that you can pair with pendants or even wear on their own.


You can even coordinate a few essential layering pieces, they are great for travel as not only do they take up very little space in your luggage, but they are also great to change up your look when working with limited pieces.


Wear this Traveling Starry Sky Enamel Necklace for Women look with a plain white t-shirt for daytime wear or slip dress for a carefree evening look. 

Coastal City


Coastal Cities provide the ultimate holiday experience with beach parties, sunset off the sea coast, nightlife, water sports and more.


Pendant set with soft and lively colored gemstones is the way to go. It will provide a pop of color for your vacation attires.


Blue Zircon Stone Solitaire Drop Petal Necklace for Women is the best suited lively blue pendant set that captures the theme of the high-spirited ambience of a coastal trip. 



Staycation is a holiday spent in your home country rather than abroad, or the one spent at home or a day trip to local attractions.


Versatile jewelry pieces that can go with whatever calls for the day can be a great choice.


We recommend Red Circle Enamel Silver Necklace for Women perfect for any sort of vacation activity. 


Planderful offers travel jewelry making traveling easier while keeping you feeling confident and fashionable on-the-go.


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