Pearl Bracelet: A Look at Fashion’s Most Timeless Trend

Pearl Bracelet: A Look at Fashion’s Most Timeless Trend

The beauty of Pearl Jewelry is that it conveys authority, bold colors when the occasion calls for them.

It gives an astonishingly feminine and sophisticated feel that goes beyond any other kind of Jewelry. 


Pearl Jewelry isn’t just beautiful — it’s also one of the best, most valuable purchases you can make. 


Pearls are an ever-classy and luxurious jewelry that can be perfectly paired with all types of outfits. 


Pearl Jewelry has a very regal and refined appearance for classy and high profile events.


Pearl Bracelets with Different Outfit Styles

Pearl bracelets are not that limiting. They can be paired with many different outfits. And they stand out when paired with an outfit that you may not expect.


Different outfits and accessories adorned with pearls are very cute paired with a pearl bracelet.


A pearl bracelet along with a sexy black dress is a chic monochromatic look.


And of course, Add pearl jewelry to your chambray shirt days. Pearl bracelets with denim are such a cute combination.


Accessorize pearls with a short sleeve knit top, jeans, and flats. Its elegance helps tie the look together in a snap.


With Pearled Clothing


If you got a pearled sweater, add the bracelet.  Pearled flats, purses and heels also go great with a variety of pearl bracelets.


Find Your Pearl Bracelet Style

There are many ways to add pearls to your wardrobe, whether matching and mixing with different jewelry or accessorizing with your favorite outfit.


It's all about finding your style, your favorite design and mixing-matching from there.


With the right pearls, old outfits will feel modern and jewelry that you've worn for years will shine in a new style.


Pearl bracelets are classy yet surprising, vintage yet fresh, and they look great on everyone, at any age.


Style Combinations for Pearl Bracelet


Mix-matching accessories is a sure way to set your look apart. Pearls mix-match well with most everything.


Try mixing your pearl bracelet with the following:

  • Braided or chunky metal bracelets
  • Beaded bracelets of varied colors and patterns
  • Studded leather wrap style bracelets
  • Thick gold and silver cuffs
  • Charm bracelets
  • Watches


Maintenance Tips for Pearl Jewelry


Pearl is more delicate and requires more care than other forms of jewelry.


Below we have detailed some maintenance tips for pearl jewelry for its long life.

  • Avoid hairspray, perfumes or lotion when you wear your pearl jewelry.

  • Never hang your pearl jewelry, instead store them flat. Storing them flat saves it from stretching.

  • Try to wear them frequently rather than keeping them in store.

  • Pearl Jewelry should be professionally cleaned and restrung at least once in a year by a professional Jewelers.


The beauty and clarity of the 14K Gold Mermaid Freshwater Pearl Bracelet- Golden Bracelet for Women shines through with the medium sized white pearls.

The bracelet is a go to piece in your armor as it brings together any formal, or casual wardrobe without the need to over analyse the mix-match compatibility.


Browse Planderful collection to select pearl bracelets you'll love to wear forever. That, after all, is the essence of pearl jewelry.

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