Pantone 2023: All you need to know about Viva Magenta!

Pantone 2023: All you need to know about Viva Magenta!

Following the tradition, Pantone has established what will be the star color of 2023: “Viva Magenta”. It is a shade that descends from the red family and that we have already seen some celebrities wearing in different versions and finishes. From Planderful we will give you a guide on everything you need to know about “Viva Magenta”, and how to choose your jewelry.


Pantone has already decided on the color of 2023

It's not long to say goodbye to 2022 and, as is a tradition at this time, Pantone, a company specializing in the production, management, and analysis of the latest trends in the field of color, has announced what will be the star shade of 2023. As they themselves assure, "it is an unconventional shade for an unconventional era".

"It is a shade rooted in nature that vibrates with energy and vigor. It descends from the red family and expresses a new sign of strength". These are the words that the prestigious institution uses to define what will be next year's color: “Viva Magenta”. This is what they have decided to call a color that will be present in areas such as fashion, art, or decoration, and which is very much in line with the trends that have predominated in each of these sectors.

Pantone wants the color of the year 2023, "a pulsating and exuberant color", to promote a joyful and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative through its power and strength".


What is the Pantone Color Institute?

Pantone is an institution that is responsible for providing a universal color language to facilitate color decision-making for brands and manufacturers. It was in 1963 that it revolutionized the industry, creating an innovative tool that allowed consistency in selecting, articulating, and reproducing colors anywhere in the world. This tool organizes color standards through a numbering system and card format that has since become an icon of the Pantone brand.

With the announcement of the color of the year, Pantone tries to establish a shade that reflects the global spirit, which is the inspiration for many industries in the development of their products. This has been done for more than two decades, based on an analysis of current trends by the specialists at the Pantone Color Institute.


Goodbye “Very Peri”, hello “Viva Magenta”

Before “Viva Magenta”, Pantone selected the so-called “Very Peri” to mark the tone of this year that we are about to say goodbye to. It was a mixture that starts from a blue hue and merges with a violet-red to give rise to a result that we have been able to see throughout 2022 in fields such as technology, interior design, fashion, or cosmetics. 

While for some this color is close to this classic red, it has much more energy than the traditional wine color, being a perfect interlude between red, pink, and purple. Electric pinks had already captured our attention throughout the year, thanks to collections such as, for example, Valentino's or the Barbiecore aesthetic. On the other hand, red has been one of the most repeated shades on the catwalks this fall-winter, so this color that follows the path of the two mentioned above makes more sense than ever. Although on a small scale, it has not been missing from the catwalks either and it is likely that for the fall-winter 2023/2024 collections, “Viva Magenta” will appear even more strongly.

“Viva Magenta” comes to take the baton from the purplish “Very Peri” and is based on a shade between fuchsia and burgundy, similar to bungavilla, which they claim is inspired by the red of cochineal, one of the most precious natural dyes. “Viva Magenta” makes us reconnect with the original matter. It invokes the forces of nature. It boosts our spirit, helping us to develop our inner strength," they explain on Pantone's website.

As Pantone has mentioned, "this tone is about strength and optimism, as well as encouraging us to express ourselves, it is dynamic and electric." This curious shade, which comes ready to bring calm after the last three years, combines coolness and warmth, something that is also intended to blend the physical and the virtual.

In an effort to help consumers approach “Viva Magenta” from a position of greater confidence, Pantone has placed its Color of the Year 2023 in four distinct palettes: it adds a fiery burst of color to the otherwise calm and neutral-leaning Ignite palette. It ties together the entire spectrum of flesh tones that make up Family Ties. In Resonance, “Viva Magenta” adds a bit of drama over the overlapping rich tones, then slips seamlessly into the warm Equilibrium palette.

While such a vivid color may have been considered intimidating in the past, Pantone says consumers are more ready than ever to start embracing the full possibilities of color. "We've been doing word association studies with color for years, [and] people have gotten to a point where they're a little braver about using a splash of color."

Very Peri:

Viva Magenta:


How to combine “Viva Magenta”, the Pantone color of 2023

The options are varied but, considering that it is a color that shines on its own and takes all the limelight, we know that it works very well with neutral tones. On the other hand, “Viva Magenta” combines especially well with its chromatic range, with pastel pinks, lilacs, or fuchsias, and also with its complementary blues.

As for jewelry, although it can be complex to get jewelry with this color, it is best to opt for colored gems that have these shades, for example ruby, amethyst, rhodolite, topaz, or pink diamond.


If you felt that Barbiecore pink was too bright for you, then Pantone's recent revelation might seem like news of relief. “Viva Magenta” is certainly a more accessible and wearable iteration of this year's vibrant pink hue. We can only imagine now that Pantone has given the color its stamp of approval, it will reign supreme in 2023.


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