Minimalist Jewelry for Any Occasion: From Work to Date Night

Minimalist Jewelry for Any Occasion: From Work to Date Night

The minimalism trend has been making a huge impact on fashion, and we're not just talking about last year's "What does your style say about you?" question. We're talking about the shopping list that follows any attire, the accessories you wear to spice up your garb, and the way that you can use some other fashion items as an accessory in its own right.

Minimalist accessories are the perfect way to add a pop of personality to your look. They're simple—but with a little bit of flair. They can be used as a way to dress up an outfit, or they can be worn alone on their own.

Let's face it: we all love jewelry.


The minimalist accessories movement is here to stay—and it couldn't be more fun! From handbags to bracelets, there are so many ways to take your minimalist style to new heights.


If you're tired of buying jewelry that feels like it just came off the shelf and doesn't match anything else in your closet, then this is your chance to try something new without breaking the bank.


And…not everyone has the time, money, or patience to keep up with a bunch of different pieces. That's where Planderful comes in!


Effortless and unending charm…these are what minimalist jewelry evoke.


And we know that whether you are a true blooded minimalist or someone who opts for subtle pieces from time to time, you want to keep your look simple yet chic; so, we made this collection of minimalist accessories to help you stand out. These pieces are graceful and classy—but never boring. They're the kind of thing that your friends will be talking about—and asking where they can get their hands on!


From our minimalist collection, we created a wide selection of different barely-there jewelry designs that you can mix and match with any outfit. The perfect gift for the woman who appreciates the art of minimalism!


Minimalist Necklaces

Are you the type who asks, "I don't want the nicest, most expensive necklace on the market. I just want something that looks good enough to wear with anything. I'm looking for an understated piece that's not super flashy or gaudy, but also not boring or plain." Well, we've got you covered!


Silver Satellite Necklace


You can find so many different styles of necklaces out there that are just so easy to wear! You can find long necklaces or short ones in different colors and materials. If you've got an outfit that needs something special added, but don't want anything too flashy, this minimalist Silver Square Bead Necklace will do the trick.

Silver Square Bead Necklace


And we know what you really want is something straightforward yet finely detailed, with just a bit of bling to add that extra touch of luxury. That's why you'll love Planderful! Our pieces have just the right amount of bling to make any outfit pop, without being so over-the-top that it screams, "I'm wearing bling!" And the simple designs mean they will go with just about any clothing or accessory, just like this Golden Cube Necklace for Women!

Golden Cube Necklace for Women



Minimalist Rings

Zircon X Black Ring - Black Ring for women


Sleek and minimalist, this ring is a sophisticated everyday statement. Style with confidence for the day, project, and party. This Moissanite Pear Shape Ring is minimal and sleek with a fun-shaped crystal stud to flatter your garb no matter the occasion.

Moissanite Pear Shape Ring for Women


For yellow-lovers out there, we know how much you love the color yellow! Now whenever you put on this minimalist piece with a shade of the sun, soak up the spotlight with this eye-catching yet subdued jewelry piece!


Yellow-hearted Crystal Ring - Golden Ring for Women





That's why we make jewelry that is as simple and beautiful as possible, so you can wear it every day—without having to think about it.



Minimalist Bracelets

Silver Fiction Bracelet for Women



This Single Pearl Bracelet is an airy bracelet that will make any ensemble look more pulled together. With its fashionable yet clean design, it will work with a variety of different outfits—casual or formal—and can be worn with anything from jeans to a cocktail dress.

Single Pearl Bracelet (large fresh water pearl,14K gold)


This bracelet is just what you need to look like a million bucks! It's simple, but it will always look laidback and adorable.

Golden Modern Bracelet for Women

Exquisite yet simple, these minimalist bracelets are a great way to add a splash of color to your get-up. You can pair them with any outfit, from a basic white t-shirt and jeans to an elegant evening gown.



Minimalist Earrings


18K Gold Freshwater Pearl Long Studs - Golden Studs for Women

We have dainty, delicate earrings for you to wear. They are made of a special material and are a perfect accessory for any event. You can wear them with your favorite purse or complement it with some sexy or comfy footwear.

Block Style Hoops-Golden or Silver Hoops for Women

A simple yet edgy pair of these earrings are the perfect way to show off your inner diva. These can be worn with any attire, from a dressy cocktail to a casual night out. They're perfect for the girl who loves jewelry that tells a story!

Freshwater Pearl Studs


This pair is another great minimalist jewelry item that you can use again and again! Whether they're small studs or big hoop earrings, they're always a fun addition to any get-up that makes people take notice of what you're wearing. They're also an easy way to add some personality without really changing anything about your look!


Planderful’s Minimalist Jewelry Pieces

Our unassuming pieces will perfectly go with your trendy outfit or with an elaborate ensemble. Here at Planderful, we're so obsessed with our jewelry. We know you love a great necklace, or maybe you want to add some bling to your bracelet. We've got all of the best pieces to get you ready for any occasion.


If you're looking for classy jewelry, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide range of designs and styles to match any personality, from classic to edgy to contemporary. Our jewelry is made with the best materials and crafted with style, comfort, and your distinct personality in mind.


So go ahead—wear Planderful’s minimalist jewelry with your favorite outfit this season, for that effortlessly luxurious look!

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