Match It Up! Your Dress-Teardrop Earrings Style Guide

Match It Up! Your Dress-Teardrop Earrings Style Guide

With a plethora of earring options around you in the market, there’s a whole lot of confusion.


Whether on the red carpet, in fashion magazines, many celebs have been spotted wearing teardrop earrings recently.


Every piece of jewelry sparks a certain intrigue among us to follow the same trend. It urges us to wear something as the influencers, true? 


Teardrop Earrings are the pair of lovely jewelry pieces that have the power to captivate the onlooker and can add a sense of style and feminism to whatever a woman is wearing.


This is why we are here with some stunning teardrop earring designs that are sure to make any outfit pop and will have everyone asking where you got them from. 


But before we go through the breathtaking and chic teardrop earrings by Planderful, let us first acquaint you with how teardrop earrings can be styled with your dress to make it more impactful.


  1. Short Dresses


There’s a whole range of short dresses available today with skater, a-line, wrap, so pick up your favorite short dresses.


Check out the silhouette of the dress to take the final call, add on a pair of teardrop earrings and you’ll be ready to go.


  1. Formal Dress


If you think teardrop earrings for formal wear can get tricky, we say you don’t need to tense up. 

Show off your feminine side with Personalized Design Natural Cyan Crystal Pear Drop Three Prongs with Flower Silver Drop Earrings for Women.

You can add on a contrasting or even a similar shade of earrings for office wear, your options are plenty!


  1. Long Dress


Long dresses are usually longer than the average knee length and can also be floor length, ankle etc depending on the occasion you’ve picked it up for.

When it comes to picking out jewelry for gown dress, there’s a simple answer – Natural Colourful Gemstone Soleste Halo Pear Drop Silver Drop Earrings for Women.


You are surely going to turn a few heads in your direction if you show up to a party wearing these.


  1. High Neck Dress

For high neck dress you can add Crystal Special Oval Shaped Silver Drop Earrings for Women.

And if you’re looking for a little dangling effect, a colorful teardrop earring or a multicolored piece like these will look fabulous paired with a high neck dress.


  1. V-neck Dress


If it’s a formal V-neck dress, teardrop earrings can have multiple strands, that’ll add some flair and add some suave to your look!


If you’re looking for a casual or party V-neck dress, you can pick out a pair of crystal teardrop earrings.


Teardrop earrings are always incomparably in trend. You can never go wrong with them. Even if it's a working day, don’t hold back on your style appeal. 


Grab one of these from our jewelry box and you’re all set to dazzle and shine with the teardrop earrings that suit your style.


Visit Planderful’s collection of stylish earrings to choose the perfect pair or two for yourself.

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