Make A Lasting Impression With Artisan Designed Jewelry

Make A Lasting Impression With Artisan Designed Jewelry

It's all about sparkle and shine! The Artisan Jewelry pieces are transforming materials today, into treasures for all time.


Are you looking for a significant piece for yourself that will reflect your creativity and unique personality?


Humankind has been through several civilizations and each civilization has proved how big a role art plays in a society. 


Right from the ancient Egyptian civilization to today’s digital era, the jewelry market has been revolutionized based on the taste of every generation.


With the help of technological advancements today plenty of machineries have been invented, but the heart always skips a beat when it comes to handmade jewelry.


There is a beauty like none other in an Artisan piece of jewelry as it represents the workmanship of the artisan. 


Even today several people opt for handmade jewelry for many reasons, there is a story behind each jewelry and it adds a personal touch like none other. 


Artisan jewelry is timeless and traditional, or something that's a little more unique and expressive.


Artisan designed jewelry is meant for something extra special and for people who want to look like themselves instead of everybody else.


Find your one-of-a-kind handmade gem, it can be anything from sterling silver to gold-plated brass or copper, to found objects. 


Read on for just a small selection of our gorgeous artisan jewelry pieces in our artisan designed collection that we think will make great gifts for your loved ones or for yourself.


Tree of Life Silver Drop Earrings


Artisan Earrings are ideal to add some interest and elegance to a casual outfit and are sure to be a conversation starter. 


Natural Colorful Gemstones have their own charm and beauty that have captivated millions of women across generations.

All adventurers need a light to guide them down their own unique path, here's your light - Tree of Life Silver Drop Earrings for Women.

Natural Crystal Peacock Pendant Necklace


The stunning pendant can be worn alone as a necklace or it can be used as a brooch that will sparkle as you go about your day.

Italian Craftsmanship Vintage Luxury Style Brooch Pendant Dual-purpose Design Natural Crystal Peacock Pendant Necklace for Women is made in shiny sterling silver, with Italian craftsmanship vintage luxury style setting for the sparkling gemstone.


An artisan spends days on one piece of jewelry making each jewel worthy of an art exhibit and this one is really worthy.


Natural Treasure Topaz Ring


The simple-yet-luxurious design features a topaz birthstone, or just one of the stones you think they will love.

Receiving a personalized gift is always extra special: it clearly shows the gift giver was thinking just of you when they chose Thorn Bud Designer Inlaid Natural Colourful Treasure Topaz Adjustable Silver Ring for Women.

If you love gifting unique designs, as well as treating yourself to something special. We think you will love this too!


Now that you have some ideas about how artisan designed jewelry can help you make a long lasting impression, take a look at Planderful full jewelry range for more inspiration.


Planderful specialize in handcrafted and expressive custom jewelry designs for special occasions, engagement, wedding, personal fashion or wearable art.


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