Let 's take a trip! Jewelry inspired by Paris

Let 's take a trip! Jewelry inspired by Paris

This week we are going on a trip to the city of love par excellence, Paris. The perfect occasion to create our most Parisian looks, join us in this new adventure! Get ready to choose your most elegant jewelry to create a Parisian look.


Classic Jewelry

To complete our Parisian look, we need classic jewelry with a romantic touch. To achieve this effect we are going to wear a golden necklace, with thin chains, pearl earrings, and a ring in gold or stones.

We are going to give the pearls the protagonist because what better occasion to wear your pearls than a trip to Paris? This element is the definition of elegance. A long necklace that will dress up your neckline will be the best option. Undoubtedly it is a very versatile jewel that we can wear with all our looks for the trip. Pearl earrings are one of the most classic options. You can opt for the simplest option or more creative designs with a different touch.

To finish off our jewelry look, wear a delicate golden pinky ring to add a modern touch to the pearl combo. Or rather, you can opt for a ring with a large stone, in case you choose simple pearl earrings. We could not go on a trip without our stamp of identity.




Travel look

If you have the opportunity to travel to this magical city, you can be inspired by the most emblematic places to select your jewelry. Paris is known as the land of architectural complexes. We can appreciate the architecture in Art Deco or Art Nouveau style, very popular in the 1930s. Art Nouveau exalts curved lines, ornaments, and floral motifs, while Art Deco is based on the simplification of lines and geometric motifs. In Paris, the Art Deco style appears in every corner of the city and occupies spaces of all kinds.

In neighborhoods such as Boulogne-Billancourt, there is an impressive concentration of buildings from the 1930s that offer a panorama of all the styles of that era. We will also see large architectural ensembles that are mostly functional. Some architectural creations are surprising and worthy of a theater set. This important architecture was developed from the 20th century onwards. The city has been transformed with modern buildings, known as "the Haussmann style".

The buildings designed by Haussmann have become a symbol of the city's traditional charm ever since. This style is characterized by cream-colored buildings, dark medieval alleys, and narrow, winding passages. You can be inspired by the architectural aesthetics to choose your jewelry.

For example, Cartier has launched a new collection inspired by emblematic places of the French city and its architecture: Paris Nouvelle Vague. The collection is composed of seven different lines that represent seven types of women: voluptuous, cheeky, naughty, independent, brilliant, glamorous, and delicate. Do you dare to get inspired?

With these looks, you can walk around the important monuments of Paris and pay homage to them at the same time. The first thing to keep in mind when thinking about the look to visit Paris is that it should be comfortable since we are going to walk many kilometers. The second thing to take into account is that it is a look with an elegant touch, we can not forget that we are in Paris, one of the great cities of fashion. And finally, we can not forget that we are going in the middle of June and it will be very hot, we want to be cool.

Taking all these characteristics into account, the look chosen was the following: try a simple outfit in cream colors, comfortable shoes, and architectural earrings.

Here are some ideas:

  • You can opt for earrings with pearls or semiprecious stones with arabesque motifs.
  • Jewelry with geometric shapes
  • Beak-shaped jewelry
  • Delicate jewelry in the shape of spirals or roses.
  • Basic and delicate gold jewelry
  • They are jewelry with sophistication and modernity with the elegance of a city very present in popular culture.

You can wear them on special occasions, as well as in everyday life with small delicate earrings. Or maybe these jewels will accompany you on a special tour of the most representative places in Paris. Isn't it a nice way to rediscover this beautiful city?





Get inspired by Parisian haute couture

As the 20th century progressed, the spectacular appeal of newly anointed supermodels changed the way we consume fashion. Today we often find ourselves rewinding the tape back to the 1990s, the last era just before internet access became a basic service and, in our opinion, the heady glamor of Haute Couture started to become a bit of fun.

The magic touch behind this fashion alchemy? High-drama silhouettes, electric personalities (both on and off the runway), and a blinding array of jewelry.

In some cases, supermodels needed nothing but that jewelry, as Canadian supermodel Shalom Harlow proved on Dior's Fall-Winter '97 Haute Couture runway, shifting all her grace between opulent floral arrangements and statues, clad in barely a full-length necklace.

John Galliano, then the brand's newly appointed creative director, presented head-to-toe accessories during that season, taking the customary bow alongside American model Trish Goff, who sported a floral corset, choker chandelier, and shoulder-length earrings. Everywhere, even in hemlines and pantyhose, there was glitter.

Throughout the Chanel runway shows, the '90s scattered rows of pearls, sparkling shooting stars, and little black dresses festooned with gold body chains, as demonstrated by runway stars Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington in Karl Lagerfeld's stunning embellishments.

From Valentino's essential butterfly hair jewelry to Dior's era-defining trousseau and Chanel's oversized crosses, these are the most iconic jewelry moments from the Haute Couture shows of the 1990s and 2000s that we remember today.

Today the 90s trend is more fashionable than ever. You can take inspiration from this era of supermodels to evoke a Parisian look worthy of the catwalks. If you want to take a risk and capture everyone's attention, then try colored stone jewelry, gold chain layering, big earrings, bracelets, or fun butterfly earrings.






What are you waiting for to put together your own look?


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